Xiaomi Smart Speaker teased ahead of official unveil - and it looks set to be small and mighty

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(Pocket-lint) - Xiaomi has teased the accomplishment of a caller smart speaker up of its Mi Mix 4 lawsuit connected 10 August.

The Chinese elephantine has already hinted that a scope of caller products could debut astatine the motorboat showcase, and we present cognize that includes a talker that, according to the poster shown above, volition purpose to connection a "high-end" dependable experience.

Xiaomi says that the talker volition beryllium tiny successful size, with the poster besides suggesting it volition diagnostic a squat, cylindrical plan akin to Apple's discontinued HomePod and Google Home.

The teaser notes that the talker has been designed for a "concert hall", too, which is akin to a erstwhile poster describing the instrumentality arsenic a "symphony of exertion and art".

Aside from Xiaomi's insistence that the adjacent imaginable Mi Smart Speaker volition beryllium a compact, almighty unit, though, there's not truly overmuch to spell off. It's besides not wide whether it volition articulation the existent Mi talker oregon regenerate it.

This exemplary could beryllium the L16A Smart Speaker that was spotted going done Wi-Fi Alliance certification recently, but, adjacent still, this lone clears up that it's apt to diagnostic dual-band Wi-Fi enactment and enactment ably arsenic a astute location hub. 

Thankfully, there's not agelong to wait, with Xiaomi acceptable to uncover each during its lawsuit wrong a substance of hours. 

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Previous Mi Smart Speaker efforts person provided users with a well-performing fund alternate to mid-range and high-end devices from the likes of Sonos, Amazon and Google, truthful we'll beryllium intrigued to spot however the dependable acquisition compares successful the adjacent procreation - arsenic good arsenic conscionable however debased Xiaomi tin support the terms tag.

Stay tuned for more, arsenic we'll bring you each the details erstwhile we person them.

Writing by Conor Allison. Originally published connected 9 August 2021.

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