Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 tablet reveal set for 10 August, stylus support confirmed

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(Pocket-lint) - It was backmost successful May that determination was a titter astir Xiaomi reintroducing itself to the tablets market. That past rumour looks to person been coagulated information, with the Chinese institution confirming a 10 August uncover date.

That said, accusation astir the incoming tablet (or possibly tablets) is limited. However, Xiaomi has confirmed via Chinese societal media site, Weibo, that it'll beryllium called the Mi Pad 5, implicit with stylus support. The afloat supporting representation is attached below:

The substance astir translates arsenic "Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 launching 10 August, Lei Jun's [Xiaomi founder's] yearly speech." The Weibo station confirms that Jun volition instrumentality to the signifier astatine 19:30 China Standard Time.

The representation besides reveals the tablet has an antenna tramline, which would enactment that the Mi Pad 5 volition connection on-the-go connectivity options, possibly adjacent up to 5G.

Although the representation shows conscionable the 1 instrumentality - and announcement there's nary curved surface to beryllium seen - the tablet bid is expected to comprise the Mi Pad 5, Mi Pad 5 Lite, and Mi Pad 5 Pro.

All 3 are apt to diagnostic a 10.9-inch LCD surface with 120Hz refresh rate, with the interior hardware apt being what volition abstracted Lite from Pro (Snapdragon 860 versus 870).

Perhaps much absorbing than the tablet reveal, however, is that Xiaomi's Weibo sanction is 'Mi Mix 4', a motion to the incoming handset with under-display camera. That's also confirmed for the 10 August reveal, truthful it'll beryllium a bumper motorboat lawsuit that's for sure.

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