Vodafone confirms reintroduction of EU roaming charges

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(Pocket-lint) - They accidental not everything bully lasts everlastingly and, erstwhile it comes to EU roaming charges, it seems that's ne'er much apt.

Vodafone has followed EE successful confirming that it is to reintroduce roaming charges for its customers who privation to usage their telephone successful Europe.

Some of its plans volition proceed to see roaming - including those described arsenic "expensive" - but different users volition find they person to wage a interest of £2 per time to usage information successful EU countries, the aforesaid arsenic with EE.

Packages volition besides beryllium disposable successful 8-day oregon 15-day bundles, which volition enactment retired astatine half-price - £1 per day.

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A fair-usage information headdress besides applies, astatine 25GB of roaming information per month.

All caller and upgrading customers who motion up from 11 August volition person the caller charges arsenic portion of their agreements (on circumstantial plans). However, the charges themselves volition not travel into effect until January 2022.

Existing customers volition beryllium capable to proceed to usage escaped information roaming successful the EU until their existent contracts expire.

"Existing customers volition not beryllium impacted by these changes portion they stay connected their existent terms plan, and roaming successful the Republic of Ireland volition inactive beryllium included for each customers," said Vodafone (via the BBC).

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published connected 9 August 2021.

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