VanMoof uses Apple's Find My service to help you track your own stolen eBike

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(Pocket-lint) - Major eBike shaper VanMoof has explained wherefore it is 1 of the archetypal companies to follow Apple's Find My tracking exertion - it helps users way their ain motorcycle if stolen oregon lost.

Speaking to Pocket-lint for the latest variation of our podcast (out 6 August 2021), the CEO of VanMoof, Taco Carlier, revealed that adding Find My was an evident adjacent measurement for eBike security: "We've spent a batch of clip successful the past moving connected anti-theft features. We person our ain alarm systems, our ain integrated fastener and besides a tracking system. But, that strategy is much focused connected theft.

"The transportation of our motorcycle to the Apple Find My level is truthful radical tin find their ain bikes, truthful it's successful summation to to our ain technology.

"I deliberation it's a large strategy arsenic it uses each Apple instrumentality successful the satellite arsenic a sensor to find your stolen goods. So, it was a superb accidental for america to beryllium selected arsenic 1 of the archetypal partners that are allowed to link to the system."

It enables riders to marque their ain enquiries first, earlier contacting VanMoof directly: "In the past, they ever had to telephone america to study the motorcycle stolen. Now they tin find the motorcycle themselves. So, it's a large summation to the solutions we already had," helium added.

Sales of eBikes are expanding rapidly, particularly successful VanMoof's homeland of the Netherlands. Carlier told america that "more eBikes are sold determination than regular bikes now". It's a inclination helium expects to travel successful the US and different European countries: "I deliberation Germany and France are spot down the Netherlands, past the UK and US follow. So, it's already a large marketplace present and it's turning into a large marketplace successful the remainder of the world," helium said.

You tin perceive our afloat interrogation with VanMoof connected the Pocket-lint Podcast (which comes retired each Friday). We person interviewed galore different tech manufacture illuminaries implicit the years and you tin check retired a database of each of our interviewees close here.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published connected 20 May 2021.

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