The Unreal Engine 5 Character Is Now A Fortnite Skin

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Epic wowed a batch of radical erstwhile it unveiled Unreal Engine 5 via a stunning tech demo past year. The video showcased a pistillate quality exploring highly elaborate caves and an past temple successful a gameplay portion that looked truthful polished that immoderate hoped it was teasing a task successful development. Despite utilizing the quality successful a second video demonstration earlier this year, Epic has stated that’s not the case, but they’ve fixed america the adjacent champion thing. This mysterious warrior/explorer is present a tegument successful Fortnite.

Turns retired she has a name: Windwalker Echo. That’s astir each we cognize astir her extracurricular of the information that she’s bully with a sword and wields immoderate benignant of magic, based connected what we’ve seen successful the demos astatine least. Her accomplishment successful Fortnite coincides with the merchandise of a caller animation demo that erstwhile again puts her successful the starring role. You tin ticker it below.

Whether this means Windwalker Echo is simply a measurement person to starring successful an existent crippled oregon if she has simply go the mascot for Unreal 5 volition stay a enigma for now. It’s a funny move, but astatine this point, wherefore not? Frankly, this doesn’t adjacent fertile anyplace adjacent the apical of the ladder of eyebrow-raising additions to deed Fortnite successful 2021 alone. DC superheroes, a beauteous sus Among Us-inspired mode, Ariana Grande, and a year-long interactive grounds celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. person each deed the crippled successful caller months. Oh, and Epic is presently prepping a massive alien invasion to wrapper up Season 7. As we said, it’s been a chaotic twelvemonth for the game. 

What bash you deliberation of Windwalker Echo’s summation and would you similar to spot her prima successful an existent game? Let america cognize successful the comments!

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