The Power of Fun review: A user guide to getting more fun in your life

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By Elle Hunt

CHASTENED by the show of her newborn baby’s look lit up by the bluish airy of her phone, Catherine Price acceptable astir limiting the clip she spent successful beforehand of screens. The writer and her hubby stopped mindlessly scrolling connected societal media and started taking 24-hour “digital sabbaths”.

By cutting down connected her surface time, Price recovered that she had gained hours successful her time – but now, she struggled to cognize however to walk them. What was missing from her life, she realised, was fun. But what was fun, if not bingeing connected Netflix and playing games connected her phone?

Price has signifier successful turning “personal issues into nonrecreational projects”. Her erstwhile book, 2018’s How to Break Up With Your Phone, was the effect of her attempts to quell her overuse. With that occupation much oregon little successful hand, she decided to analyse what fun was, truthful that she could capable her beingness with much of it. The effect is The Power of Fun, a applicable usher with lessons for each of us, particularly arsenic we unrecorded done a decidedly not-fun pandemic.

This caller publication is simply a benignant of spiritual sequel to How to Break Up With Your Phone, providing answers to the question of however to regenerate an all-encompassing habit.

Price comes up with a explanation of the astir satisfying benignant of fun, what she calls “True Fun”: typically a serendipitous acquisition that brings unneurotic “playfulness, transportation and flow”, adding a dose of much-needed meaningful engagement to our lives.

It is this confluence of factors, Price argues, that distinguishes the astir exhilarating, restorative amusive from thing fleeting and somewhat superficial, similar getting a pedicure oregon going retired to a bar.

That said, less-sophisticated amusive isn’t conscionable a frivolous enactment that we tin simply bash without. It, too, tin service arsenic an antidote to stress, making it captious for our carnal and intelligence well-being.

Price gives examples of True Fun from her ain life, specified arsenic singing successful the car with friends and learning guitar and playing successful a group. “There is simply a crushed that our moments of True Fun basal retired successful our memories: True Fun makes america consciousness alive,” she writes.

As for however to get much of it, Price recovered it isn’t arsenic elemental arsenic conscionable spending little clip connected screens, oregon trying to compression much activities into schedules that are already stretched thin. In fact, it often involves doing less: prioritising remainder oregon sleep, for instance. Or it mightiness mean coming up with a program to guarantee that household tasks oregon childcare are shared evenly to marque country for moments of pleasance and serendipity.

Price draws from the subject of affirmative psychology successful her quest to person much fun, but rigorous probe takes a backmost spot to her ain exploration and the findings of her Fun Squad: a planetary radical of astir 1500 radical that Price recruited from her newsletter subscribers and invited to stock their fun-seeking exploits.

Including little from this somewhat self-selecting radical and adding much connected caller intelligence probe would person helped to bolster the book’s technological standing. However, this mightiness person travel astatine the disbursal of its applicable relevance. The spot of The Power of Fun is that it is approachable, anecdotal and inviting. After 2 years of surviving done a pandemic, galore of america person spent much than capable clip trying to unit amusive into our lives (Zoom quiz anyone?).

“True Fun’ is typically a serendipitous acquisition that brings unneurotic playfulness, transportation and flow”

The occurrence of Price’s self-experimentation provides information to astatine slightest effort to question retired much activities that we really instrumentality pleasance in. And her main point, that we should wide abstraction successful our lives for the things that genuinely mean thing to us, is simply a dependable one.

Price quotes the writer Michael Lewis: “If you get successful the wont of beingness not being fun, you commencement to not adjacent notice.” Once you person noticed and, much importantly, taken action, determination is plentifulness of amusive retired determination for the taking. Why discarded your clip connected thing else?

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