Tesla’s Deliveries Came Up Short in China. Why the Stock Market Doesn’t Care—and You Shouldn’t Either.

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Updated Aug. 10, 2021 8:08 americium ET / Original Aug. 10, 2021 8:00 americium ET

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Tesla shipped astir 33,000 vehicles from its Shanghai installation successful July, astir the aforesaid fig it shipped from China successful June.

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Tesla’s delivered conscionable 8,600 cars successful China past month, the latest Chinese delivery information show, a large driblet from the erstwhile month. Tesla banal is hardly budging—and you don’t person to beryllium a bull oregon bear to recognize why.

The Chinese Passenger Car Association released Tesla (ticker: TSLA) shipments Tuesday. Tesla delivered astir 33,000 vehicles from its Shanghai works this past month. About 8,600 were delivered successful China and astir 24,300 were exported. Tesla delivered much EVs successful the period than the associated task betwixt SAIC and General Motors (GM), which came successful astatine fig 2 with astir 27,000 shipments, according to a translated mentation of the website.

The section transportation figure—at little than 9,000—might surprise, but the information is simply a repetition of April, the archetypal period of the 2nd quarter. Back then, Tesla shipped astir 26,000 vehicles successful full with 12,000 for section Chinese markets and 14,000 for export. By June, astatine the extremity of the 2nd quarter, Tesla shipped about 33,000 vehicles with astir 5,000 exported and 28,000 for the home Chinese market.

Tesla appears to export much cars aboriginal successful the 4th and displacement to section deliveries aboriginal successful the quarter. Tesla wasn’t instantly disposable to remark connected the deliveries oregon the transportation patterns.

The 33,000 full vehicles produced successful July are astir level with June shipments and amusement Tesla producing astatine a complaint of astir 400,000 vehicles annually from its Shanghai facility. Tesla would similar to nutrient adjacent to 500,000 vehicles from a azygous plant, but the planetary automotive spot shortage continues to constrain car accumulation for galore car makers.

Tesla shares are level successful premarket trading. S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average futures are level arsenic well. All Tesla information points are intimately scrutinized by the market. Some determination the banal a lot. Others, similar July deliveries, conscionable support the banal successful its caller trading range.

Tesla banal roseate 2.1% Monday aft Jefferies expert Philippe Houchois upgraded his standing connected the banal to Buy from Hold and accrued his terms people to $850 a stock from $700.

Monday’s summation pushed Tesla banal into the greenish for the year. Coming into Tuesday trading, shares are up astir 1.1% truthful acold successful 2021. Tesla banal has paused for a while, but shares are up 152% implicit the past 12 months. That’s amended than the comparable 35% summation of the Nasdaq Composite implicit the aforesaid span.

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