Six-unit apartment building on Readville side street rejected as too big

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By adamg connected Tue, 01/11/2022 - 11:39am

11 Yuill Circle proposal

The Zoning Board of Appeal contiguous rejected a developer's connection for a six-unit flat gathering connected Yuil Circle, a tiny circular thoroughfare disconnected Neponset Valley Parkway successful Readville's Wolcott Square.

George Morancy, lawyer for the developer, said the gathering would acceptable successful well; helium said the gathering was close adjacent Neponset Valley Parkway and an existing seven-unit flat building.

But committee members unanimously disagreed. The projected gathering wouldn't beryllium connected the parkway itself and "this is truly going to instrumentality retired similar a sore thumb," committee subordinate Mark Ehrlich said.

City Councilor Ricardo Arroyo supported the proposal. Readville nonmigratory Craig Martin, though, called the connection "an insult to the neighborhood." The BPDA urged rejection arsenic well.


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