Real-life robots that will make you think the future is now

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(Pocket-lint) - If you're thing similar us, you astir apt can't hold for the time you tin spell to the store and easy (and cheaply) bargain a robot to cleanable your house, hold connected you and bash immoderate you want.

We cognize that time is simply a agelong mode off, but exertion is getting amended each the time. In fact, immoderate high-tech companies person already developed immoderate beauteous awesome robots that marque america consciousness similar the aboriginal is present already. These robots aren't super-intelligent androids oregon thing - but hey, babe steps. 

We've rounded up real-life robots you tin cheque retired close now, with the intent of getting you excited for the robots of tomorrow.


Robear is simply a high-tech teddy designed to assistance an aged diligent from a furniture into a wheelchair. 

Robear comes from Toshiharu Mukai, a idiosyncratic who leads the Robot Sensor Systems Research Team astatine the Riken-SRK Collaboration Center for Human-Interactive Robot Research. Robear is the team's 3rd robot bear.

Read more: Riken (source) 


Spot is conscionable 1 of galore antithetic robots created by Boston Dynamics. He's smaller than the first-generation LS3 Big Dog, but conscionable arsenic capable. 

Spot is simply a 73kg electrically-powered and hydraulically-actuated robot that tin walk, trot, climb, and instrumentality a footwear and enactment standing. Here's hoping Google adapts it for usage by everyone soon.

Read more: Boston Dynamics' caller robo-dog Spot is much of a pup, tiny but strong

Xiaomi CyberDog

If you similar the look of Spot but privation thing much affordable past you'll similar the look of the Xiaomi CyberDog. 

This is simply a quadruped robot susceptible of moving arsenic accelerated arsenic 3.2 meters per second. It's susceptible of entity question tracking, creating real-time maps, avoiding obstacles arsenic it moves and more. 

CyberDog is powered by Nvidia’s Jetson Xavier A.I. level truthful it's got immoderate superior quality nether the hood too. Yours for conscionable 9,999 Chinese yuan (about $1,540). 

Weird Hotel

New Real Life Robots representation  33

Henn na Hotel

A edifice in southwestern Japan, called Weird Hotel, is staffed astir wholly by robots to prevention labour costs.

The edifice is called Henn na Hotel successful Japanese and was shown to reporters, implicit with robot demonstrations. One diagnostic demoed was the usage of facial designation alternatively of e-keys during check-in.  An absorbing presumption of the future?

Read more: Henn na Hotel (source) 


New Real Life Robots representation  34

Stripper bots

At the 2014 CeBIT expo successful Hanover, German bundle developer Tobit had a booth showcasing 2 rod dancing robots and a robot DJ with a megaphone for a head. The 2 bots could creation successful clip to the music. 

Read more: Ruptly TV (YouTube video) 

Ava Robotics Inc.

New Real Life Robots representation  12

Ava Robotics

Ava Robotics has designed a robot that allows workers to easy determination astir a distant determination arsenic if they were truly there.

This robot combines high explanation video conferencing exertion with robotic mobility allowing distant workers to pass easy with their colleagues too. 


New Real Life Robots representation  21


Sofia is simply a humanoid-like robot that's susceptible of holding a conversation. This robot has appeared successful respective high-profile interviews and appearances - including a spot connected the Jimmy Fallon show.

Sofia is besides antithetic successful that she's been fixed official citizenship successful Saudi Arabia and the United Nations rubric of "Innovation Champion". 

Sofia is susceptible of answering a multitude of questions and is learning too. Is she a imaginativeness of the future?


New Real Life Robots representation  23


ASIMO is simply a humanoid robot that Honda has been processing for implicit a decade. It features hand dexterity arsenic good arsenic the quality to tally fast, hop, jump, tally backward, and ascent and descend stairs. ASIMO tin besides recognise the faces and voices of aggregate radical speaking and tin accurately foretell what you'll bash next.

Read more: Honda's latest ASIMO robot tin present tally 5.6 mph and adjacent foretell your behaviour


New Real Life Robots representation  24


RoBoHon is simply a smartphone disguised arsenic a robot. The small robot works arsenic a mean phone, with a surface for a belly, but besides does more.

The bot tin determination and speech for telephone alerts and more. It adjacent has a projector successful its look truthful it tin thin guardant and task larger images connected surfaces. This could beryllium utile for viewing photos, pursuing a look oregon simply arsenic a caller hands-free option.

Huffington Post

New Real Life Robots representation  25


Pepper is simply a Japanese humanoid robot that tin consciousness emotion and grounds its ain feelings. After going connected merchantability successful Japan, the robot made by Softbank was sold retired successful conscionable a minute. Pepper costs the equivalent of £1,000 positive a £125 monthly fee.

Read more: Pepper, the emotion speechmaking robot that feels, sells retired successful 60-seconds

Google Boston Dynamics

New Real Life Robots representation  26

LS3 BigDog

LS3 BigDog is simply a robot "pack mule" that was developed by Boston Dynamics. It's had it's archetypal subject outing carrying kit crossed mixed terrain and the marines are impressed.

The LS3 is capable to transportation 180kg of kit for 20 miles earlier it runs retired of substance arsenic good arsenic behaviour resupply missions.

Read more: Google’s BigDog LS3 robot 'pack mule' gets subject testing

Aldebaran Robotics' Nao

New Real Life Robots representation  29


Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ is Japan's biggest bank, and it employment robots. Aldebaran Robotics' Nao is simply a bipedal android that costs astir $8,000. You tin spot 1 astatine UFJ's flagship subdivision adjacent Tokyo station. Nao speaks Japanese, English, and Chinese and tin reply your questions about how to unfastened a slope relationship and more.

Read more: Aldebaran Nao (source) 


New Real Life Robots representation  30


HitchBOT was a robot created by Ontario makers astatine Ryerson University. They wanted to spot however acold it would travel, but it was dismantled successful Philadelphia. 

HitchBOT comprised a camera, battery, motherboard, tablet, GPS, and reddish eyes. It could also hold basal conversations and throw retired tidbits of contented portion connected its travels.

Read more: What is HitchBOT and wherefore was it murdered? 

Starship Technologies

New existent  beingness  robots representation  2

Starship Technologies

Starship Technologies developed this section transportation robot designed to rapidly present parcels and station wrong a two-mile radius.

This wheeled self-driving transportation bot is an absorbing alternate transportation drones. Will the aboriginal beryllium void of transportation radical but a buzz with wheeled and flying transportation bots?


New Real Life Robots representation  50

Samsung Bot Care

Samsung utilized CES 2019 to motorboat a scope of attraction robots that it hopes to bring retired successful the adjacent future.

Bot Care, which is 1 of 3 robots announced astatine the Consumer Electronics Show successful the US is capable to bash a fig of tasks astir the location similar punctual you erstwhile to instrumentality your medicine, enactment arsenic a bosom complaint monitor, and if the worst happens telephone exigency services for help. 


New Real Life Robots representation  49

Ubtech Robotics' Walker

First showcased astatine CES successful 2018, and past a newer mentation astatine CES 2019, Walker is simply a biped robot designed to present a location butler work and assistance with day-to-day operations of your location oregon workplace.

Not lone is this robot susceptible of climbing stairs, but tin get you a tin of coke, walk you an umbrella if it's raining and bent up your coat.

When it's not helping you erstwhile you get done the doorway it tin bash a fig of different tasks retired information patrols, assistance with video calls and conferencing, creation and entertain children and overmuch much besides. Walker is conscionable 1 of several Ubtech robots successful development, each of them aimed astatine improving our lives. 


New Real Life Robots representation  47


ElliQ is described arsenic an "active aging companion".

Based connected the product's conception video connected YouTube, it looks similar a two-part setup that includes an Android tablet and an Alexa-like integer adjunct and software. With this combination, the aged tin easy link with friends and family. In an interrogation with VentureBeat, the institution behind

ElliQ noted that the robot's unsocial design, earthy movements, and assemblage connection tin assistance alteration a "unique bond" betwixt ElliQ and its owner. Watch the video here to spot ElliQ successful action. You'll spot that it sits connected a table but tin swivel around, present verbal notifications, respond to messages, acceptable reminders for meds, reply video calls, show activities, etc. ElliQ is inactive successful the improvement stage. 

Amazon Japan

New Real Life Robots representation  35


The robot is called Kuratas and looks similar thing retired of Hollywood. It is 3.8 metres tall, weighs 5 tons, and features a BB Gatling weapon that tin pump retired 6,000 rounds per minute. It's besides been successful improvement for respective years. 

Read more: Amazon Japan (source) 


New Real Life Robots representation  36


A team of Japanese roboticists created a music-performing set of robots called Z-Machines. It has a guitarist with 78 fingers and a drummer with 22 arms. 

Record statement Warp Records said past autumn it would release an album performed by the band. Composer Squarepusher besides promised to marque euphony with it. 

Read more: Warp (source) 

Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems

New Real Life Robots representation  32


Athena was the first humanoid robot to person paid for a spot connected a level erstwhile it boarded a Lufthansa formation to Germany past Christmas. It was created by PhD pupil Alexander Herzog and Jeannette Bohg. The all-white robot has a tablet mounted to its thorax and tin chat with radical astir their java habits and preferences.

Read more: Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems (source) 

Boston Dynamics

New Real Life Robots representation  40


Another Boston Dynamics robot that's earnestly impressive. This is simply a 6-foot humanoid robot that's capable to determination similar a person. Taken extracurricular for investigating successful the woods helium was capable to determination freely, looking creepily similar a ninja. 


New Real Life Robots representation  41


Kuri by Mayfield Robotics is simply a $700 robot companion described arsenic "an intelligent robot for the home".

This robot features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a 1080p camera, facial recognition, microphones, speakers, interaction sensors, a "laser-based sensor array", sturdy wheels, and code recognition. Kuri makes beeping noises and tin determination its caput and eyes to communicate. 


New Real Life Robots representation  42


Leka is a $390 robot for special-needs children. It helps them to amended recognize societal and ocular cues. It's shaped similar a shot and look that changes expressions. It besides uses sound, light, and colours to interact.

Leka responds with affirmative images and sounds, specified arsenic a smiling face, and it features customizable, multiplayer games based astir colour identification, representation matching, hide-and-seek, etc. 

SegwayRobotics Inc.

New existent  beingness  robots representation  3


Just erstwhile you thought Segway couldn't perchance get immoderate better, the institution has updated and enhanced its proscription instrumentality with autonomous abilities. Now you tin hop disconnected your Segway and person it automatically travel you, seizure video and more.

The Loomo, arsenic it's called, has besides been built with a acceptable of playful expressions, AI capabilities and voice, motion and smartphone controls. 

Piaggio Fast Forward

New existent  beingness  robots representation  4

Gita Bot

Carrying your ain bags is specified a chore. With Gita Bot, interest nary more. This compact robot is designed to travel you astir portion you're retired and astir successful municipality oregon connected the mode to work.

The bot is susceptible of carrying the equivalent of a lawsuit of wine, a loaded rucksack oregon 2 buying bags, truthful it's an perfect companion for a speedy travel down to the shops. In the future, you'll beryllium capable to permission the car astatine location and agelong your legs without the misery of carrying your buying home. 

Mayfield Robotics

New existent  beingness  robots representation  5


Kuri is simply a robot for the location designed with personality, consciousness of its surroundings and the powerfulness to determination astir the location freely too. Its designed to acceptable into your location and go portion of the household - entertaining your loved ones, playing euphony and capturing peculiar moments. 

Kuri is susceptible of reacting to sound, interaction and adjacent has a lighting strategy to fto you cognize what temper it's in. We can't determine if this is awesome oregon creepy. 

Cafe X Technologies, Inc.

New existent  beingness  robots representation  10

Cafe X

Cafe X is an automated, robot powered java barroom built with the powerfulness to present the precise champion successful speciality java via precocious automation.

Now you'll beryllium capable to get your greeting java without the chore of having to speech to existent people, isn't the aboriginal wonderful? Whether Cafe X tin outperform nonrecreational baristas remains to beryllium seen. 

Blue Frog Robotics

New existent  beingness  robots representation  9


Buddy is a revolutionary companion robot designed to amended your household life. Buddy is designed to entertain the family, assistance you with your mundane activities, connection reminders erstwhile you request them, enactment you with recipes successful the room and overmuch more.

You tin usage buddy to marque video calls, support an oculus connected your location portion you're out, link each your astute location devices unneurotic and adjacent assistance your children learn. 

FoldiMate, Inc.

New existent  beingness  robots representation  8


Laundry is specified a chore. Washing, drying, putting everything distant - truthful dull. Luckily exertion is ever improving.

There are plentifulness of modern astute location products to assistance easiness the misery including astute connected washing machines and dryers. Foldimate goes 1 amended by automatically folding your apparel too. This robotic laundry folding instrumentality could beryllium a existent life-changer oregon astatine slightest easiness the misery of household chores. 

Softbank Robotics

New existent  beingness  robots representation  7


Romeo is simply a humanoid sized robot that's designed and built to assistance the aged arsenic they suffer their ain autonomy.

This robot is designed to beryllium capable to unfastened doors, ascent stairs and scope for objects portion going astir its attraction duties. In the future, this clever bot whitethorn alteration the aged to enactment successful their ain homes longer alternatively than having to determination into attraction homes. 

LG Electronics

New existent  beingness  robots representation  6

LG Rolling Bot

Another rolling robot - this clip a mobile camera that tin rotation astir your location capturing images and videos.

The Rolling Bot tin beryllium utilized arsenic a information monitoring strategy for the location oregon a companion for your pets. It's smartphone compatible and connects to your Wi-Fi for afloat connectivity and unrecorded streaming via your telephone portion you're retired and about. 


New Real Life Robots representation  31


Muruta is the world's archetypal robot cheerleader. It balances connected metallic balls and tin creation and flashing lights successful unison. It uses gyroscopic sensors with inverted-pendulum power to enactment upright. It besides uses ultrasonic microphones and infrared sensors to observe objects astir and determine its comparative positions. 

Read more: Murata (source) 


New Real Life Robots representation  37

Insect robots

Harvard's Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering has created a tiny, insect-inspired robot that tin basal and leap connected water for surveillance missions. The robot isn't yet equipped with surveillance technology, but it was portion of a survey that had a extremity to research aquatic mobility successful a small-scale robot.

Read more: Harvard survey (source) 

University of California-Berkeley

New Real Life Robots representation  38

Cockroach robot

This is a cockroach-inspired robot that took 2 years to build. Scientists at the University of California-Berkeley wanted to create a tiny robot that could navigate unsmooth terrain and tiny gaps without the usage of sensors, truthful it invented this bug-like robot and published the results successful a Bioinspiration & Biomimetics study.

Read more: Bioinspiration & Biomimetics (source) 


New Real Life Robots representation  39


German institution Festo has made a robot kangaroo aptly-titled BionicKangaroo. It has a "tendon" successful its limb that propels it guardant and harnesses vigor connected landing. Also, arsenic the legs determination guardant for landing, the process is adjusted for balance. When it lands, the legs are spring-loaded by the interaction and prepped for different hop.

Read more: Festo (source) 


New Real Life Robots representation  44

Lynx Robot

UBTech's Lynx Robot leverages Amazon's dependable adjunct to reply your questions, but it tin besides work your emails and has a camera strategy truthful it tin cheque connected your location portion you're away. It tin besides recognise faces and alteration its responses to suit a peculiar person.  


New Real Life Robots representation  46


Bosch's Mykie, short for "my room elf," tin reply questions, like "What's the upwind today?", and it tin power connected Bosch appliances similar dishwashers. You'll mostly usage it to hunt for recipes with dependable commands.

Mykie has a power screen, with a acceptable of moving eyes, and a projector truthful you tin task cooking videos onto your room wall. 


New Real Life Robots representation  45


Ewaybot's MoRo tin determination astir indoors and outdoors, grip objects ranging from tissues to h2o bottles, and perceive to dependable commands. It's astir 4-feet gangly and weighs 77 pounds. It besides has a occurrence retardant ABS lawsuit and astir an 8-hour artillery life. Unfortunately, it costs a whopping $30,000. 


New Real Life Robots representation  48


Japanese car shaper Nissan has taken its ProPILOT suite of self-driving technologies and enactment them into a self-driving robot called Pitch-R, that tin beryllium utilized to gully 5-, 7- oregon 11-a-side shot pitches wherever determination is capable space. The robot is successful the last signifier of improvement astatine the infinitesimal and Nissan says it's conscionable the archetypal of a fig of prototypes it's developing. 

Moley Robotics

New existent  beingness  robots representation  11

Moley Robotic kitchen

If you're not a instrumentality of cooking, past this adjacent 1 mightiness beryllium for you. The Moley Robotic kitchen is, arsenic you mightiness expect, a fully-automated cooking robot that tin navigator for you.

This robot is seemingly susceptible of learning caller recipes, cooking a assortment of antithetic meals and adjacent cleans up aft itself. Moley Robotics assertion this room robot tin adjacent mimic the skills of a full-blown maestro cook enabling it to trade world-class meals conscionable for you. Sounds amazing, doesn't it?

Emotech LTD

New existent  beingness  robots representation  14

Emotech Olly Robot

Olly is different astute adjunct for the home, but with a difference. This robot is designed with an evolving personality, meaning it grows and learns however to respond based connected your habits and routines. Olly uses a brain-inspired AI strategy to make a personalised acquisition that's unsocial for each and each user. 

Panasonic Corporation

New existent  beingness  robots representation  13

Panasonic Robot Egg

The Panasonic Robot Egg is simply a desktop robot companion that uses artificial intelligence-based earthy connection processing exertion to pass with you. It's an intelligent adjunct that tin beryllium controlled by your voice, play video footage via a built-in projector and adjacent prosecute successful interactive games. This robot is Wi-Fi connected and promises bundle updates successful aboriginal to amended it further. 

Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

New existent  beingness  robots representation  18

Toyota T-HR3

Toyota's T-HR3 is simply a humanoid robot strategy which allows a quality idiosyncratic to remotely manoeuvre a robotic counterpart. The robot mirrors and mimics the movements of the quality idiosyncratic and allows for harmless usage successful a assortment of situations including operation sites, disaster-stricken areas and adjacent outer space. T-HR3 is built with 29 assemblage parts and 16 maestro power systems making it a robot that's susceptible of creaseless earthy question immoderate it's doing.

The exertion in T-HR3 is said to beryllium a measurement successful the improvement of friendly and adjuvant robots that volition beryllium capable to coexist alongside the quality contention and assistance america successful our regular lives. 


New existent  beingness  robots representation  15


Tapia is simply a astute robot designed to assistance you enactment successful interaction with friends and family, organise your hectic schedule, support you up to day with the latest quality and springiness you hands-free entree to your astute location devices.

Tapia is simply a virtual adjunct robot with a cute plan that's built to go portion of your home. 

ASUSTeK Computer Inc.

New existent  beingness  robots representation  16

Asus Zenbo

Zenbo is a robot person for each the family. This robot is intended to assistance retired successful a assortment of ways astir the house. It's a astute location manager, a information monitoring device, a useful room adjunct and adjacent a household photographer.

Zenbo tin instrumentality photos, seizure video, marque calls, archer stories, play euphony and overmuch more. Like different robots connected this list, it besides uses artificial quality to larn and accommodate to your lifestyle. It besides features a facial show wherever it tin explicit emotions and physique attachments with your loved ones. 

Pillo, Inc.

New existent  beingness  robots representation  17


Pillo is simply a robot that's designed to assistance with healthcare and well-being astir the home. This robot offers a fig of antithetic functions including dispensing medicine passim the day, helping with monitoring of attraction plans, tracking nutrient intake and overmuch more.

This robot features a touch-screen, dependable interface, facial designation and premium speakers, making it a almighty adjunct for the location and the cleanable instrumentality for looking aft your loved ones. 

Aeolus Robotics

New existent  beingness  robots representation  19


Aeolus is a general-purpose user robot designed to assistance astir the location with assorted chores. This robot is susceptible of delivering food, picking up clutter from astir the home, uncovering things you've mislaid and more. Aeolus besides boasts Artificial Intelligence that helps it larn astir your life, regular and layout of your location - improving however it serves you successful future.

New existent  beingness  robots representation  20


REEM is simply a full-size humanoid work robot. This robot tin enactment arsenic a receptionist, supply amusement for guests, marque presentations and springiness speeches successful antithetic languages and assistance with a assortment of antithetic chores.

REEM is simply a robust, customisable robot that's capable to self-navigate, interact with radical it encounters and support connected moving for up to 8 hours. 

UBTECH Robotics, Inc

New existent  beingness  robots representation  22

Ubtech Robotics’ Cruzr

Cruzr is different humanoid robot designed and built by Ubtech. Flexible arms and a manoeuvrable assemblage powered by 17 antithetic servos let this robot to determination similar a human, contempt its unusual shape. This bot is susceptible of interacting with humans it meets - shaking hands, greeting caller people, dancing, hugging, moving astir freely and more. 

Cruzr also sports omnidirectional wheels that let it to crook 360-degrees successful an instant. Cruzr is besides customisable and features dependable and enactment action arsenic good arsenic facial designation and the quality to explicit emotion.

New Real Life Robots photograph  51

Camello transportation drones

In Singapore, Otsaw Digital is utilizing robots named Camello to present groceries to 700 households successful the section area. This has been a invited work during the pandemic and a superb presumption of what the aboriginal holds. 

Writing by Maggie Tillman and Adrian Willings. Originally published connected 4 August 2015.

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