Razer's RGB face mask is becoming reality as Razer Zephyr

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(Pocket-lint) - In January 2021 Razer revealed that it was working connected creating an innovative PPE disguise that included progressive ventilation, automatic sterilisation, a built-in dependable amp and Razer Chroma too. 

Like the remainder of the world, Razer was intelligibly taking the pandemic seriously. The institution was moving connected creating immoderate superior facial tech designed to not lone support the idiosyncratic and those astir them but besides to marque beingness much bearable. 

The disguise initially started arsenic a concept. One that utilized an N95 medical-grade respirator strategy combined with progressive ventilators and a bacterial filtration strategy to support 95 per cent of airborne dangers astatine bay. That ventilation strategy promises to present progressive aerial cooling to support you caller and chill nether the disguise too. 

Now Razer is making this disguise a world oregon astatine slightest preparing to bash so. Razer Zephyr, arsenic it's present known is disposable to beta trial for a prime few. 

Project Hazel is present officially Razer Zephyr – the latest improvement of our wearable aerial purifier. Designed to beryllium safe, societal and sustainable, Razer Zephyr sports 99% BFE, a unafraid silicon look seal and anti-fog coating. Join our assemblage beta test: https://t.co/mlex2YSMpi pic.twitter.com/yLUj0lO2oJ

— R Λ Z Ξ R (@Razer) August 6, 2021

There's nary uncertainty that Zephyr is antithetic from the bulk of masks disposable presently and not conscionable due to the fact that it rocks Razer Chroma susceptible RGB. 

It's built astir a transparent plan that's meant to assistance destruct the problems with societal enactment masks often cause. Wearing this, radical you're talking to volition beryllium capable to spot you grin oregon grimace and work facial cues much easily. You don't request to interest astir steaming up either, arsenic it's been designed with anti-fog coating. 

Razer's VoiceAmp Technology is besides included which uses a built-in microphone and talker strategy to assistance you beryllium understood erstwhile wearing the mask. With rigorous testing, Razer besides hopes to guarantee this disguise is arsenic comfy for the idiosyncratic arsenic possible, portion maintaining the information of the idiosyncratic astatine the aforesaid time. 

It mightiness lone beryllium successful the beta stages astatine the moment, but it's beauteous awesome to spot Razer inactive moving guardant with this project. We conscionable anticipation the afloat motorboat isn't excessively acold off. 

Writing by Adrian Willings. Originally published connected 11 January 2021.

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