Phil Collins suffering from health problems, can 'barely hold' drum sticks

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(CNN)Phil Collins says helium is nary longer capable to play the drums owed to wellness issues.

The musician, who is 70, appeared connected BBC Breakfast with his Genesis set members to beforehand the group's reunion tour, and Collins said his son, Nic Collins, volition beryllium drumming with the set going forward.

As for not drumming, Collins said, "I'd emotion to but you know, I mean, I tin hardly clasp a instrumentality with this hand. So determination are definite carnal things that get successful the way."

    He admitted that he'd emotion to beryllium up determination playing with his son, saying, "I'm benignant of physically challenged a spot which is precise frustrating due to the fact that I'd emotion to beryllium playing up determination with my son." Instead, helium volition will sing with the band.

      When this upcoming tour, delayed due to the fact that of the coronavirus pandemic, ends, Collins isn't definite if he'll beryllium touring immoderate longer.

        "We're each men of our age, and I deliberation to immoderate extent, I deliberation it astir apt is putting it to bed," helium said. "I deliberation yeah, I deliberation conscionable mostly for me, I don't cognize if I privation to spell retired connected the roadworthy anymore."

        Collins had had a bid of fractures implicit the years and successful 2015 underwent backmost country which near him with nervus damage. In 2017 helium fell, which resulted successful him utilizing a cane to assistance with walking.

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