Owner of 5-story residential building across from the MFA wants to turn it into a 19-story residential building

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By adamg connected Fri, 08/06/2021 - 2:59pm

The proprietor of 409 Huntington Ave. says it volition soon record plans with the BPDA to adhd 14 caller floors to the ammunition of the existent flat gathering - and pledges to prosecute Franklin Institute students to enactment connected the project.

In a missive of intent yesterday, Tremont Asset Management, which has owned the gathering for 50 years, says its task volition mean 153 full residential units wrong an exterior that features "an artful and intentional measurement back, preserving the archetypal and historical quality astatine the site" not to notation a rooftop patio and pool.

The institution says it would upgrade the "underdeveloped pouch park" that present separates the gathering from the MFA.

The connection volition see 40 parking spaces successful one-level underground garage.

409 Huntington Ave. filings and calendar.


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