On a very Black Friday for investors, many Reddit Apes were talking about buying and HODLing

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The worst time for U.S. stocks truthful acold this twelvemonth saw each 3 large indexes successful the heavy reddish connected Black Friday, but meme banal investors conscionable saw a atrocious time for everyone else.

While the Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, -2.53%, S&P 500 SPX, -2.27%, and Nasdaq COMP, -2.23% all fell hard connected a mercifully shortened trading day aft the Thanksgiving holiday, galore meme banal trading Apes connected societal media utilized the down time to reenforce their committedness to the tickers they emotion the most.

Black Friday is historically a beardown time for retail and amusement stocks, but some fashionable meme stocks — videogame retailer GameStop GME, -5.69%, and theatre concatenation AMC Entertainment AMC, -3.24% — closed down alternatively hard connected the day, falling 5.4% and 3.2% respectively.

Those losses jibed with the wider marketplace panic prompted by the quality of the new omicron coronavirus variant, but you would person been hard-pressed to find existent interest astir the stock prices connected the diehard Ape corners of Reddit and Twitter TWTR, -0.95%.

“Sh!t . . . the microorganism is backmost . . . I amended merchantability my GME!!!” joked Reddit idiosyncratic Nazereth_99. “NOT!!!!!” and added a vulgar salutation to Citadel laminitis Ken Griffin, who is widely-viewed arsenic the personification of investors abbreviated GameStop stock.

That mentation was pervasive, adjacent if trading measurement connected GameStop was little than fractional its regular average.

“Market clang you accidental ?? I wonderment however galore GME shares Apes volition beryllium selling,” was the rubric of 1 fashionable station connected subreddit r/Superstonk that answered itself with this .gif

“Same! I spot red? I buy. I spot green? I buy,” responded idiosyncratic GL_Levity. “Then I shove the shares up my ass truthful nary 1 tin person them.”

On Twitter, immoderate saw the abrupt panic arsenic a accidental for meme stocks to individuate and springiness GameStop a caller edge.

For AMC Apes, the pullback was little steep, but the measurement connected the banal was adjacent lower, prompting immoderate Redditors to look for meaning successful the reddish results.

“This monolithic 4am Black Friday ‘sell-off’ is successful our favor, here’s why,” posited idiosyncratic Billy-BigBollox.

“The monolithic question we’re seeing close present is perchance them liquidating ‘meme’ stocks they are agelong connected to summation their capital,” they continued. “There’s besides the anticipation that they are doubling down and expanding their abbreviated positions. Either way, person the shorts closed their positions? If the reply is NO, past thing has changed but I person different accidental to adhd to my portfolio connected a discount.”

Because of the shortened trading day, and the information that galore retail investors are present dealing successful options connected their meme trades, it’s hard for the Apes to not judge that the marketplace digests the omicron variant menace and these 2 names coming roaring backmost connected Monday.

After all, arsenic 1 Redditor responded to a station connected the markets panicking astir the caller COVID menace — and evincing the wider economy’s present opioid-level addiction to inexpensive money– “Na dude. The FED volition pump it backmost with non existing money.”

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