New York City cab spotted way out of its natural element: South Boston

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By adamg connected Fri, 08/06/2021 - 1:08pm

NYC cab successful  South Boston

Eileen Murphy reports she hailed the cab she spotted successful South Boston past nighttime due to the fact that she was funny what it was doing there.

Had a speedy chat & the guys were talking astir sights astir Boston they wanted to visit.

Which led to a speech astir the aged days, erstwhile cabbies often refused fares to South Boston:

Do callback taxi drivers not wanting to spell to Southie esp. from Chinatown aft radical deed the restaurants aft past call. Lots of fare jumpers backmost then.

All those who had "cold tea" astatine Harry Mucks were doomed to locomotion home! You person to beryllium aged capable to cognize what I'm talking about.


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