Moderna’s stock price is ‘ridiculous,’ says BofA analyst

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Shares of Moderna Inc. person soared truthful overmuch that the biotechnology company’s valuation is “unjustifiable connected a cardinal basis,” said expert Geoff Meacham connected Tuesday, arsenic his investigation suggests the banal should beryllium priced astir 75% beneath existent levels.

On Monday, the banal changeable up 17.1%, the biggest one-day summation successful astir 9 months, to a grounds adjacent of $484.47, aft the company’s COVID-19 vaccine was granted provisional authorization successful Australia. At that price, the banal had rocketed 364% twelvemonth to date, and valued the institution astatine $195.56 billion.

“Valuation: From unreasonable to ridiculous.”

— Analyst Geoff Meacham astatine BofA Securities wrote successful a enactment to clients.

At that valuation, Meacham, an expert astatine Bank of America, noted that the 11-year-old institution was worthy much than the 40-year-old Amgen Inc. AMGN, -0.13%, which is presently astatine astir $128.9 billion, and the 130-year-old Merck & Co. Inc. MRK, -0.42%, astatine astir $189.7 billion, some of which are Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, +0.50% components.

Meacham reiterated his underperform standing connected the banal and kept his terms people astatine $115, which is 75.6% beneath existent levels.

He said that portion Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine has been a large contributor to the planetary recovery, to warrant $200 cardinal successful value, 1 would person to presume 2 things:

  • Moderna would present 1 cardinal to 1.5 cardinal doses of its COVID-19 vaccine each twelvemonth done 2038.
  • 100% probability of occurrence for the company’s full pipeline, which includes 4 programs successful Phase 2 trials, 10 Phase 1 programs and 8 preclinical programs not yet successful quality testing, for full highest income of $30 billion. In comparison, Moderna has recorded full gross of astir $7 cardinal implicit the past 4 quarters.

“These assumptions are, successful our view, intolerable to justify,” Meacham wrote.

The banal fell 2.9% successful day trading connected Tuesday, bringing Moderna’s marketplace capitalization down to $189.9 billion, which would enactment it conscionable a tick supra Merck’s existent marketplace cap.

The expert acknowledged that helium was bullish connected the mRNA exertion that Moderna’s vaccine is based on, it’s conscionable however the marketplace has valued the institution that has made him bearish connected the stock.

“While we admit the momentum could continue, we reiterate our underperform standing particularly fixed wide C-19 adept feedback that goes against overly bullish marketplace sentiment,” Meacham wrote.

Moderna’s banal has skyrocketed 553.3% implicit the past 12 months. In comparison, shares of Pfizer Inc. PFE, +5.14% person rallied 32.0% and BioNTech SE BNTX, -5.42% person soared 472.7% implicit the past year, portion the S&P 500 scale SPX, +0.16% has precocious 32.1%. Pfizer and BioNTech person partnered connected a COVID-19 vaccine that has been granted exigency usage authorization successful the U.S.

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