Massachusetts daily Covid-19 cases exceed 1,000 for first time since May

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By adamg connected Thu, 08/05/2021 - 8:37pm

Hospitalization numbers implicit    past   2  months.

Hospitalization numbers implicit past 2 months. Source.

The authorities Department of Public Health contiguous reported 1,046 Covid-19 cases, the archetypal clip Massachusetts has exceeded 1,000 regular cases since May 6 (greater-than-1,000 numbers connected 2 caller Mondays see cases from implicit the preceding weekends).

Hospitalizations are besides up, to 265 - the highest fig since May 25.

Deaths, however, stay debased - conscionable 2 reported today.

The lawsuit numbers could proceed to climb, according to information from sampling astatine Deer Island, which is showing a spike successful viral particles successful sewage passing done the MWRA plant:

Graph of sampling from the MWRA's confederate region, astir southbound of Rte. 9:

Southern viral-particle concentrations astatine  Deer Island


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