Mass and Cass cleared of tents tonight, but people still congregating there

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By adamg connected Wed, 01/12/2022 - 11:43pm

Southampton Street tonight

The South End-Roxbury Community Partnership posted this photo contiguous of Southampton Street, location to a metropolis structure and a cardinal congregating constituent for radical astatine Mass and Cass.

There is dense Boston Police beingness successful the location, we fishy is to guarantee tents are not rebuilt and assistance facilitate outreach. A batch of outreach workers offering HELP, but galore folks inactive successful the location.

But, arsenic you tin see, determination are inactive radical there. At a property league connected Monday, Mayor Wu acknowledged that removing the tents and getting their occupants into astatine slightest impermanent lodging with aesculapian and different assistance was lone the archetypal measurement successful a process that besides needs to see radical who routinely congregate on Methadone Mile but who weren't really surviving there, oregon who had not been surviving determination for agelong periods of time.

WBUR reports connected the determination out, says "there were dozens of radical inactive surviving connected the streets Wednesday."


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