Losing Senate candidate says: Oops, never mind; drops lawsuit over election results, his Twitter account

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Repeat Senate loser Shiva Ayyadurai contiguous dropped his suit against the Massachusetts Secretary of State's office, conscionable 1 time aft he'd filed a caller ailment alleging that that bureau and Twitter were portion of a ruthless planetary conspiracy retired to destruct him and deprive each Americans of their free-speech rights.

In a filing successful US District Court done his latest attorney, Ayyadurai averred:

NOTICE IS GIVEN that, pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 41(a)(1)(A)(ii), Plaintiff Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai present hereby voluntarily dismisses with prejudice each claims successful this suit. In addition, each parties voluntarily retreat each pending motions successful this matter. There is nary further enactment by immoderate enactment connected this matter, nary questions successful contention stay among the parties, and each enactment volition carnivore its ain costs and fees.

The move, which inactive needs to beryllium approved by US District Court Judge Mark Wolf, comes arsenic Wolf was considering tens of thousands of dollars successful fines against Ayyadurai for violating tribunal rules - by delaying cardinal tribunal dates and perchance by having a "shadow" counsel constitute a cardinal ineligible memorandum - and arsenic Ayyadurai was seeking to formally person Twitter added arsenic a suspect successful the case.

Technically, Ayyadurai inactive has a 2nd suit pending against Secretary of State Bill Galvin, calling for a manus number of each the ballots successful the Republican Senate superior past September, but nary enactment has occurred successful that lawsuit for respective months.

Dropping the lawsuit could escaped up immoderate of Ayyadurai's clip to enactment connected a imaginable 2020 statewide ballot question which, if approved by the authorities Attorney General's bureau and if helium tin get capable valid signatures, would inquire voters to region Galvin from immoderate oversight of voting machines and would necessitate the authorities to usage a analyzable strategy of safeguards - including ballots printed with holographic foils, watermarks, "multi-colored micro-numismatic invisible ultraviolet designs" and different measures to forestall counterfeiting - and which would necessitate each ballots beryllium counted by manus and copies of each ballots beryllium digitally photographed and past placed connected a server wherever anybody could look astatine them.

In some his suits against Galvin's office, a cardinal contented were tweets by Ayyadurai - until Twitter deplatformed him successful February - successful which helium alleged Galvin destroyed 1 cardinal physics ballots successful the Republican primary. Galvin's bureau repeatedly countered determination were nary specified physics ballots to statesman with, that the ballots, stored successful secured warehouses, were the lone ballots utilized successful the Massachusetts.

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