Liz Cheney Tells Trump To Bring It After He Endorses Her Primary Challenger

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Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) told Trump to bring it aft helium endorsed her Republican superior challenger.

Cheney responded to Trump’s endorsement of her opponent:


In a longer statement, Cheney said:

NEW: Liz Cheney connected Trump endorsing her superior challenger. "It is tragic that immoderate successful this contention person sacrificed... work to the radical of Wyoming, retired of fearfulness and successful favour of loyalty to a erstwhile president who... provoked an onslaught connected the U.S. Capitol." Full stmt 👇


Unlike the immense bulk of elected Republicans, Liz Cheney is not acrophobic of Trump. The erstwhile president has a batch to suffer by wading into a Republican House superior successful Wyoming.

If Cheney wins the superior implicit the Trump-endorsed opponent, it volition destruct the story that Trump is immoderate benignant of a king and queen shaper successful the Republican Party who can’t beryllium crossed.

So far, Trump has blustered a large crippled but has not spent his ace PAC connected backing Republican candidates.

If Trump follows his accustomed pattern, helium volition supply an endorsement, bash a run appearance, and that is all.

I would not stake against Liz Cheney defeating the Trump-endorsed superior challenger.

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