LIVE: Government leaning towards Novak exit

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World No.4 Stefanos Tsitsipas has weighed successful connected the seemingly never-ending Novak Djokovic visa saga, saying the reigning champ has made the vaccinated cohort of players "look similar fools" by choosing not to get the jab.

Djokovic's presumption for the Australian Open is inactive up successful the aerial contempt being included successful the men's gully connected Thursday day arsenic the No.1 seed.

Tsitsipas, who mislaid to Djokovic successful past year's French Open final, added that it seems similar "not everyone is playing by the rules".

"The stats accidental 98 per cent of players person been vaccinated and did what they had to bash successful bid to travel and execute and play successful Australia," helium told Indian web WIO News.

"One broadside of it is, yea we've each followed the protocols successful bid to vie successful Australia, we've been precise disciplined successful that part.

"The different side, I'd accidental that it benignant of seems similar not everyone is playing by the rules of however Tennis Australia and the authorities person been putting things.

"A precise tiny radical chose to travel their ain mode and it benignant of makes the bulk look similar they're each fools oregon something."

Tsitsipas admitted that Djokovic's actions to spell against the atom takes "a batch of daring".

"For definite helium has been playing by his ain rules and has been doing thing that not galore players had the guts to spell and do, particularly aft the ATP announced definite criteria for players to participate the country," helium said.

"No 1 would person truly thought I could travel to Australia unvaccinated and not having to travel the protocols that they gave me, which takes a batch of daring to do, and putting a Grand Slam astatine risk. I don't deliberation galore players could bash that.

"I chose to spell and beryllium 100 per cent acceptable for immoderate was to travel and not having to deliberation astir thing else.

"For me, it worked 1 way, for Novak, it worked different way. That doesn't truly mean that my mode is the close 1 and his mode is the incorrect one, it's conscionable each person's cognition astir it."

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