Keo, A Multiplayer Car Combat Game, Enters Early Access This Month

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The car combat genre hasn’t fired connected each cylinders since the heyday of Twisted Metal, but Keo whitethorn assistance reignite that stalled engine. The team-focused crippled pits players against each different successful 3v3 matches arsenic they teardrop up post-apocalyptic battlefields down the operator spot of absurdly equipped vehicles. Since July, the game’s been playable successful unfastened beta tests, but it volition participate afloat Early Access aboriginal this month. 

Players tin take from six vehicles, dubbed RCVs, and 24 weapons, with much of each hitting the crippled passim its Early Access phase. RCVs autumn into either attack, defense, oregon inferior categories and athletics assorted combinations of speed, armor, and different factors. Each conveyance has 1 superior limb and 4 swappable guns, 2 successful the beforehand and 2 successful the rear. By collecting currency, you tin acquisition caller loadouts arsenic good arsenic cosmetics to personalize your decease machine. 

Keo presently features 2 modes: Deathmatch and Domination. Deathmatch is precisely what you’d expect, with players scoring points by blasting the opposing squad into bits. Domination, meanwhile, tasks players with capturing outposts. During Early Access, the crippled volition besides beryllium treated to caller maps, an unspecified caller crippled mode, and features specified arsenic ranked matchmaking, lucifer spectating, and ultra-widescreen support. 

You tin acquisition Keo for $19.99 erstwhile it becomes disposable connected September 23. Developer Redcatpig Studio plans to support the crippled successful Early Access for the remainder of the year, with a afloat motorboat scheduled for sometime successful aboriginal 2022. So far, it’s lone confirmed for PC with nary connection of a console launch. 

So car combat fans, what bash you deliberation of Keo? Does it look similar it’ll scratch that Twisted Metal itch? Let america cognize successful the comments!

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