It's Time For Video Games To Jack Back Into The Matrix

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We’re each buzzing astir the Matrix successful the virtual Game Informer office aft the teasers and trailer for The Matrix Resurrections. Its December merchandise cannot travel soon enough. While Matrix fans person waited 18 years for a caller introduction successful the movie franchise, it got maine reasoning astir a akin spread since the past clip Neo and the different Zion refugees person appeared successful a video game. With the breathtaking revival of specified a pivotal series, I’d emotion to spot idiosyncratic reboot the Matrix successful games.

Our lone virtual experiences with the Matrix came successful the aboriginal 2000s during a three-game inaugural built astir the 2nd and 3rd films successful the trilogy. First was Enter the Matrix, a span communicative surrounding the exploits of Ghost and Niobe, tertiary characters to the events of The Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions. It was a caller thought to bring games into a cross-media marketing/storytelling format and an acquisition I retrieve liking, but I’m definite it doesn’t rather clasp up these days.

Next was The Matrix Online, an MMO taking the mythos of the films and allowing players to squad up with others to unrecorded that cyber goth Matrix life. Unfortunately, the MMO contention was aggravated erstwhile released successful 2005 and couldn’t stitchery the due traction to survive. The Matrix Online was unopen down successful precocious 2009. Finally, The Path of Neo lets players travel Thomas Anderson’s travel done the films, from a regular programmer learning kung fu to all-seeing techno Jesus.

What would a Matrix crippled look similar now, you ask? I deliberation it could spell a fewer antithetic directions. Most absorbing to maine would beryllium focusing connected the enactment The Matrix is known for. Fast-paced martial arts fights, acrobatic gunplay, and of course, utilizing the series’ trademark slug clip and originative camera question to marque fights consciousness similar a spectacle. Games similar Absolver oregon the upcoming Sifu person the benignant and absorption connected hand-to-hand combat that I judge would beryllium a large spot to commencement to execute that Matrix feel. Incorporating the time-advancing question from Superhot tin springiness a caller instrumentality connected Matrix slug time, and letting plays execute sick tricks and maneuvers not imaginable astatine afloat speed.

Taking a leafage from a crippled similar Frog Fractions 2 and hiding a Matrix communicative wrong different crippled would besides beryllium precise cool. The Matrix was astir starting disconnected being ignorant of the existent satellite and being pulled into another, precise antithetic reality. I don’t person the answers of however to support that concealed hidden successful the days of rampant spoilers connected societal media and relentless information miners, but I basal by liking the thought of it.

Regardless of the benignant of game, I privation a communicative that doesn’t trust connected the accustomed suspects of The Matrix movies. The beingness has had adjacent to 2 decades of blank communicative abstraction to enactment with, and you tin archer an infinite magnitude of stories from wrong that spread of time. With astir of the cardinal players retired of the representation aft the events of Revolutions, however did humanity determination on, and successful what ways did the existent satellite and Matrix alteration implicit the years?

I’m already readying my rewatch of The Matrix trilogy successful mentation for Resurrection’s merchandise successful theaters and connected HBO Max connected December 22. I’ve adjacent gone arsenic acold arsenic tracking down copies of Enter The Matrix and Path Of Neo to spot however they clasp up. What are your thoughts connected the trailer for the caller movie, and what would you similar to spot successful a caller Matrix game? Would you privation a instrumentality of an MMO oregon is simply a much focused enactment crippled to your liking? Log into the comments beneath and amusement maine you cognize linguistic kung fu.

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