IOC member slammed for 'shameful' Peng claim

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Long-time International Olympic Committee (IOC) subordinate Dick Pound has said that helium is "puzzled" by the reaction to a video call betwixt three-time Olympian Peng Shuai and IOC president Thomas Bach.

The video telephone comes aft Peng, 1 of China's astir recognisable sports stars, publicly accused erstwhile Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli of coercing her into enactment astatine his home, according to screenshots of a since-deleted societal media station dated November 2.

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Following the accusation, Peng disappeared from nationalist view, prompting respective chap tennis players to explicit interest connected societal media, utilizing the hashtag #WhereIsPengShuai.

The IOC has not made the video publically disposable and did not explicate however the telephone was organised.

Peng Shuai tells IOC she's safe

It alternatively released an representation of the telephone and a connection saying Peng is "safe and well, surviving astatine her location successful Beijing, but would similar to person her privateness respected astatine this time."

Earlier this week, Human Rights Watch China Director Sophie Richardson denounced the IOC's relation successful collaborating with Chinese authorities connected Peng's reappearance, portion the caput of the Women's Tennis Association (WTA), Steve Simon, said the IOC's involution is insufficient to allay concerns astir Peng's safety.

"I indispensable accidental I'm truly puzzled by that appraisal of it," Pound told CNN's Christiane Amanpour successful effect to the criticism.

"Basically, tons of radical astir the satellite were looking to spot what happened to Peng Shuai and cipher was capable to found contact.

"Only the IOC was capable to bash so, and determination was a speech that was held by video with Thomas Bach, who's an older Olympian, and 2 younger pistillate IOC members. Nobody's released the video due to the fact that I conjecture that facet of it was private.

"They recovered her successful bully wellness and successful bully spirits and they saw nary grounds of confinement oregon thing similar that."

Pound added that helium has not seen a signaling of the video call, but is "simply relying connected the combined judgement of the 3 IOC members who were connected the call."

New video of missing tennis prima Peng Shuai emerges

Peng was joined connected the telephone by a Chinese sports authoritative who formerly served arsenic the Communist Party caput of the Chinese Tennis Administration Centre.

Pound besides denied that determination is immoderate imaginable struggle of involvement betwixt the IOC and the Chinese authorities with the Beijing Winter Olympics acceptable to statesman successful February.

"We don't truly person links with the Chinese government," said Pound.

"We're beauteous cautious astir compartmentalising the organisation of the Olympics. These are not authorities Games. These are IOC Games, and there's an organising committee that is liable for that."

The WTA and the United Nations person called for a afloat probe into her allegations of intersexual assault.

"The archetypal happening you person to bash is fig retired what was she trying to execute with the post," Pound said of Peng's deleted societal media post.

"Was it conscionable to archer her communicative oregon did she privation an probe and [drop] consequences if she was capable to found the coercion?"

Last weekend, respective radical connected to Chinese authorities media and athletics strategy tweeted photos and videos they accidental amusement Peng retired to meal connected Saturday and astatine a tennis lawsuit for teenagers successful Beijing connected Sunday.

Throughout the videos Peng says precise small but is seen smiling. CNN cannot independently verify the video clips oregon corroborate erstwhile they were filmed.

On Tuesday, China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the authorities hoped "malicious speculation" regarding Peng's well-being and whereabouts would stop, adding that her lawsuit should not beryllium politicised.

New video emerges of Peng Shuai

Chinese authorities person not acknowledged Peng's allegations against Zhang, and determination is nary denotation an probe is underway. It remains unclear if Peng has reported her allegations to the police.

Speaking astatine a quality league connected Tuesday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian reiterated that Peng's accusation is not a diplomatic contented and declined to remark further.

CNN has reached retired to China's State Council Information Office, which handles property inquiries for the cardinal government.

Zhang has kept a debased illustration and faded from nationalist beingness since his status successful 2018, and determination is nary nationalist accusation relating to his existent whereabouts.

Before retiring arsenic vice premier, Zhang was the caput of a Chinese authorities moving radical for the Beijing Games. In the relation helium inspected venues, visited athletes, unveiled authoritative emblems, and held meetings to coordinate mentation work.

Zhang antecedently met with Bach, the IOC president who held a video telephone with Peng, connected astatine slightest 1 occasion, with the 2 being photographed unneurotic shaking hands successful the Chinese superior successful 2016.

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