In light of day, Parks Department says, no, Boston Common is not a hellhole and all remain welcome

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By adamg connected Mon, 08/09/2021 - 2:38pm

Karyn Regal astatine WBZ Newsradio asked the Parks Department and Kim Janey if they truly judge the Common should champion beryllium avoided by decent people, arsenic idiosyncratic claiming to beryllium from Parks and Rec responded to a 311 complaint yesterday.

No, Parks and Rec said today, don't judge what they posted connected 311 past night:

The comments posted connected 311 successful effect to the enquiry connected Boston Common bash not bespeak the values of the Parks & Recreation Department. We enactment each time to guarantee parks are clean, safe, and welcoming for residents and visitors. All radical are invited successful Boston parks.

We inquire parkland users to proceed to interaction america erstwhile parks request attraction and to telephone 911 for immoderate emergencies.


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