IMDb TV, Amazon's free video streaming service, finally arrives on iOS and Android

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(Pocket-lint) - Amazon has offered an ad-supported streaming service, called IMDb TV,  successful the US for the past mates years. It's been disposable connected astir large platforms - except, notably, iOS and Android. That's nary longer the case, however.

IMDb TV present has its ain dedicated app for the iPhone and iPad and Android. The streaming work provides entree to a decent catalogue of movies and bid and adjacent originals produced by Amazon Studios. Previously, you could entree IMDb TV contented successful the IMDb app mobile app, but present you tin usage the standalone streaming app for the work connected iOS and Android. Content is inactive disposable to watercourse done IMDb, though.

Check retired IMDb TV's afloat listing here to spot what's disposable to ticker - each for free. Currently, we spot a scope of classics and adjacent newer hits, specified arsenic Schitt’s Creek, Scream Queens, How to Train Your Dragon, Lie to Me, My Name is Earl, Charade, McLintock, Lost, Mad Men, Donnie Darko, and more. IMDb TV besides has a woody with Universal to watercourse immoderate films pursuing their merchandise successful theatres and a pay-one premiere connected Peacock.

Aside from iOS and Android, IMDb TV is disposable connected prime astute TVs arsenic good arsenic Fire TV, Roku, Xbox, Android TV, Android TV OS devices, PlayStation 4, Chromecast with Google TV, and Nvidia Shield. It’s besides a escaped transmission wrong Prime Video. You tin larn much astir the work successful our guide.

Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published connected 6 August 2021.

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