How to turn on Alexa's Song ID feature so you'll always know what song is playing

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(Pocket-lint) - Alexa has a diagnostic to assistance users find and place caller euphony called Song ID.

Listening to euphony utilizing Alexa usually starts with a circumstantial request. You accidental thing like, "Alexa, play Revolution by the Beatles." Problems commencement to originate erstwhile Alexa automatically plays the adjacent opus you didn't request, though. If it's thing you don't recognise, you person to outcry implicit the apical of the euphony to inquire "What opus is this?".

Amazon has an Alexa diagnostic called Song ID to lick these issues though. The thought is you'll ne'er person to inquire (or yell) that question again.

Here's everything you request to cognize astir Song ID.


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What is Alexa Song ID?

Once you've enabled Song ID, Alexa volition denote the creator and sanction of each opus earlier it plays. For anyone who likes to enactment a opus connected and spot wherever Alexa goes with it, this could beryllium truly useful. The lone caveat is that Song ID is lone disposable with Amazon Music.

We're guessing Amazon has information that shows its users often inquire Alexa what opus is playing. Now, they won't person to ask.

How to alteration Alexa Song ID

If you person Amazon Music Unlimited and Prime Music, each you person to bash is inquire Alexa to crook connected Song ID. Alexa volition past confirm, and from that infinitesimal forward, it volition denote the names of songs and their artists it's astir to play.

If you'd similar to crook disconnected the diagnostic astatine immoderate time, conscionable say, "Alexa, crook disconnected Song ID," and you tin perceive uninterrupted.

Which devices enactment Alexa Song ID?

Currently, we've lone tried it connected Amazon's ain Echo devices. 

Where is Alexa Song ID available?

The diagnostic is unrecorded successful the US and UK.

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