How to permanently delete Facebook but keep your photos and more

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(Pocket-lint) - Maybe it's clip to delete Facebook.

If you're thing similar us, you've been a idiosyncratic of the work for much than a decade. But you've astir apt developed a love-hate narration with it, particularly aft the Cambridge Analytica scandal, wherever your Facebook information whitethorn person been obtained without consent and utilized to power your opinions and possibly adjacent vote. If that's the case, past you're apt acceptable to accidental goodbye to Facebook.

It's a toxic narration astatine this point. However, conscionable due to the fact that you privation to portion ways doesn't mean you besides privation to suffer each your precious photos, chat histories, partition posts to others and from others, and truthful on. Facebook, aft all, is similar an online diary you've been updating regularly. It'd beryllium a shame to propulsion it successful the bin and suffer those memories for bully - each successful the sanction of securing your idiosyncratic data.

Luckily, determination is simply a solution. Here's what you request to know.

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How to archive your Facebook profile

It’s truly casual to some delete your Facebook relationship and prevention an archive of each the information connected your profile. That's right. Facebook lets you download a compressed archive that contains each your memories and different accusation related to your account. You tin support everything from videos to your check-ins. You tin adjacent support your facial designation data.

You tin see a afloat database of what's included successful the archive here.

If anything, your archive reveals conscionable however overmuch information and idiosyncratic accusation Facebook has connected you, which is incredibly creepy and eye-opening. But that's wherefore you're doing this, right? You're done. For good. Adios, Facebook. But earlier you deed that delete relationship button, download your archive for safe-keeping and immoderate aboriginal perusals down representation lane.

To download your information, travel these steps:

  1. Click the arrow successful the apical close of Facebook (on desktop).
  2. Select Settings and Privacy, past click Settings.
  3. In the broadside menu, click Your Facebook Information.
  4. Next to Download Your Information, click View.
  5. To adhd oregon region categories of information from your request, click the boxes connected the right.
  6. Select different options, including:
    • The format of your download request.
    • The prime of photos, videos, and different media.
    • A circumstantial day scope of information.
  7. Click Create File to corroborate the download request.
    • It volition look arsenic Pending.
    • It whitethorn instrumentality respective days for Facebook to process your download request.
  8. Once Facebook has finished preparing your download request, it'll nonstop a notification
  9. To download a transcript of information you requested:
    • Go to the Available Copies conception of the Download Your Information tool.
    • Click Download and participate your password.
    • You tin besides click Show much to presumption information.

You tin learn much astir however to download your archive from here.

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How to delete your Facebook profile

You are present acceptable to delete your account. You should cognize that this is antithetic from deactivating your account. A deactivated relationship is impermanent successful that it tin beryllium recovered astatine immoderate time. Deleting your relationship is permanent. That means you won't ever beryllium capable to reactivate oregon retrieve immoderate of the contented oregon accusation you've added. If you'd similar to permanently delete your account, click this link.

That nexus volition instrumentality you to the authoritative relationship deletion page. If it doesn't enactment for you, travel these steps (on desktop):

  1. Click the arrow successful the apical close of Facebook (on desktop).
  2. Select Settings and Privacy, past click Settings.
  3. In the broadside menu, click Your Facebook Information.
  4. Select Deactivation and Deletion.
  5. Choose the Deletion enactment and past hit Continue to Account Deletion.

Once you click “Delete My Account,” Facebook volition statesman to terminate it and marque it inaccessible to others. The institution said that it delays termination for a fewer days aft you've requested it, and if you log backmost successful during that period, your petition volition beryllium canceled.

Now, here's the thing: Some data, similar comments you’ve made connected a friend’s post, could inactive look aft you've deleted your account. Facebook warned that it copies things similar log records and keeps them connected its database - but it's separated from immoderate idiosyncratic identifiers. It volition instrumentality up to 90 days to afloat delete your relationship and each the accusation associated with it, adjacent if your relationship is inaccessible to you and others.

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Those of you who would similar to deactivate your Facebook can spell present for much accusation astir that.


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What astir Facebook's different apps?

If you privation to springiness Facebook the acold shoulder, you request to wholly exit its ecosystem of different services, including Instagram and WhatsApp.

If you'd similar to delete Instagram, go present for much information. If you'd similar to delete WhatsApp, go here.

Co-founder of WhatsApp. Owned by Facebook. Wow.

— Sarah Frier (@sarahfrier) March 20, 2018

Welcome to your new, Facebook-free life. How does it feel?

Writing by Maggie Tillman and Elyse Betters. Originally published connected 20 March 2018.

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