Google One may soon include a discounted Google Play Pass bundle

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(Pocket-lint) - Your Google One subscription whitethorn beryllium astir to get adjacent amended with the summation of a discounted bundle with Google Play Pass.

Google One usually gives you other retention for apps similar Google Drive and Google Photos. While subscribing to Google One besides has added benefits specified arsenic nonstop entree to Google support, VPN protection, instrumentality recognition connected Google Store purchases and much besides. 

In the future, the Google One subscription whitethorn see adjacent more. 9 to 5 Google reports that during an APK investigation it has discovered hints that you'll beryllium capable to adhd a Google Play Pass bundle to your subscription. 

Play Pass gives users entree to premium apps and games. It unlocks different paid-for contented and ensures they're ad-free and besides person nary other hidden purchases. Play Pass usually costs $4.99/$4.99 a period and tin beryllium shared with household members but this caller bundle whitethorn marque it much affordable. 

The information seems to suggest that the bundle volition connection users a percentage-based discount connected the combined plans. The pricing is besides acceptable to commencement astatine $1.99/£1.99 a period including 100GB of retention with the enactment to upgrade to 200GB oregon 2TB plans. 

It's not wide erstwhile this bundle volition merchandise conscionable yet, but it's bully to spot Google striving to amended its offering. 

Writing by Adrian Willings. Originally published connected 10 August 2021.

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