Get a brilliant 2 for 1 deal on Sky Sports Football and Premier League - just £18 monthly

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(Pocket-lint) - Football doesn't thin to instrumentality a interruption for precise long, truthful immoderate instrumentality volition cognize that the commencement of the caller Premier League play is close astir the country - it each kicks disconnected connected 13 August 2021 this year, and we can't wait.

With a caller season, though, comes the aforesaid aged puzzle - however are you going to get the Premier League connected your TV? Well, Sky's got a beauteous broad reply for you with a superb woody this year.

New and existing Sky TV customers tin get some Sky Sports Premier League and Sky Sports Football for conscionable £18 monthly for 18 months. Find retired wherefore that's specified a superb deal, below.

A immense saving

We don't privation to bushed a dormant horse, but we'll commencement with the evident - this is simply a large woody successful purely fiscal terms, fixed that either Sky Sports Football oregon Sky Sports Premier League is usually £18 connected its own. That you get some channels for that terms is astir robbery, and means that you'll person your prime of unrecorded games whenever they're on.

The Premier League channel, arsenic the sanction suggests, focusses connected England's apical flight, not conscionable with top-drawer unrecorded matches but with re-runs of historical thrillers, retrospectives and a immense array of different programming to enjoy. It's besides the location of Monday Night Football, the highest of punditry.

Sky Sports Football, meanwhile, widens your horizons a spot with games from different leagues including the Scottish Premiership for immoderate of the astir bitterly-fought games retired there, and the astonishingly competitory Sky Bet Championship, wherever immense clubs volition duke it retired for introduction to the coveted Premier League. This twelvemonth besides marks the archetypal clip you'll beryllium capable to drawback the FA Women's Super League connected Sky Sports, truthful that you tin besides illustration the champion of the women's game. 

Oodles of unrecorded games

In lawsuit you couldn't tell, this each means that betwixt the 2 channels, you'll person entree to implicit 400 unrecorded games crossed 4 leagues passim the season, with aggregate games each and each weekend. You won't conscionable beryllium constricted to nine shot either. Sky shows plentifulness of planetary games from tournaments similar The Nations League, truthful you'll besides beryllium capable to bask games featuring immense European nations passim the season.

Plus, arsenic a Sky TV lawsuit you tin ever adhd successful much channels if you consciousness similar it - for conscionable £25 a month* you tin opt for the implicit sports bundle to get the champion of different immense sports including Formula 1 and cricket. Of course, if it's truly shot you want, adding BT Sport to your bundle volition nab you each the European matches that work boasts, too.

The champion pundits successful the business

Sky doesn't conscionable person the astir Premier League games, though - it's besides got a punditry and presenting squad that is the envy of the industry. You'll get investigation and insights from pundits including Jamie Carragher, Gary Neville and Micah Richards, who were astatine the apical of the crippled erstwhile they were playing.

There are besides apical ex-managers to trust on, including Roy Keane and Graeme Souness, 2 of the astir explosive personalities successful football. Plus, Sky often brings successful impermanent pundits of the highest calibre, including those inactive moving astatine the highest of the game, similar Jose Mourinho and Rafa Benitez.

All successful all, this is simply a woody you can't spend to miss retired connected if you're readying to ticker overmuch shot this play - and it ends connected 30 September 2021, truthful beryllium definite to instrumentality vantage earlier then. Sky Sports Football and Sky Sports Premier League for conscionable £18 - it's the benignant of redeeming that doesn't travel astir excessively often. If you're a caller lawsuit it's unfastened to you, portion it tin besides beryllium added to existing Sky subscribers' packages.

* Complete Sky Sports for £25 a period for 18 Months
New Sky Sports customers tin bask each the enactment connected our 8 dedicated channels for lone £25 a period for 18 months. Eligibility: New & existing TV customers upgrading to Complete Sky Sports  

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