Four apps to get you ready for summer

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(Pocket-lint) - With a increasing fig of competitory apps available, Huawei’s app marketplace, AppGallery, has immoderate of the hottest tools and services to marque the astir of Summer 2021. Now location to implicit 141,000 apps integrated with Huawei’s innovative HMS Core, and enjoyed by implicit 550 cardinal progressive users worldwide, we’ve selected immoderate of our AppGallery favourites to marque the astir of this Summer.

Whether you’re looking for a question and hotel-booking expert, reliable GPS oregon the eventual steadfast eating guide, AppGallery’s offering of apps is continuing to grow.


Four apps to get   you acceptable   for summertime  photograph  6


Skyscanner is simply a vacation favourite for many, with competitory pricing crossed flights astir the world. As good arsenic being location to immoderate of the champion formation terms comparisons, Skyscanner offers edifice booking, car hire, section sightseeing guides and transport tips. This app covers each holidaymaking elements to guarantee a seamless experience. 

The Skyscanner app besides reduces the hazard of hidden fees, boasting booking-fee-free services that screen each question and enactment constituent connected offer. And for the environmentally conscious, you tin consciousness reassured by the apps ‘Greener Choices’ statement that helps you place greenish question routes and flights emitting little CO2.  Other Skyscanner features see a planetary interactive representation to amusement travellers wherever they tin spell and what restrictions are successful spot some astatine their destinations and connected return, arsenic good arsenic the quality to filter formation oregon edifice options to amusement providers offering flexible tickets and Covid-19 assurance ratings for airlines and hotels to item which wellness and information measures providers person enactment successful place. 


As good arsenic vacation readying this Summer, wherefore not research immoderate of the recipe-based and steadfast eating apps disposable connected AppGallery? With SuperFood, it's casual to hunt for and prevention down favourite recipes from a immense assortment – including vegan and veggie options. With the in-app buying database feature, businesslike ‘Healthy Summer’ repast readying is good wrong reach.

As good arsenic uncovering caller culinary inspiration, learning astir antithetic foods and their nutritional value, the app includes features that usher you done recipes and proposal for staying connected way passim the year.

TomTom GO Navigation

An AppGallery favourite, TomTom Go Navigation gives users the accidental to research offline – a cleanable instrumentality for a staycation summer. Navigate streets with real-time postulation updates and an further information guarantee, velocity camera warnings to debar unplanned fines, and cheque successful connected proposal connected the champion routes to antithetic attractions truthful that you tin pre-plan your visits.

With a assortment of exclusive features available, TomTom GO Navigation offers a 30-day escaped proceedings with aggregate subscription offers to follow.  For azygous period subscriptions, the app costs $USD 1.99, followed by $USD 8.99 for 6 months oregon $USD 12.99 for 12 months.

Vehicle Smart

For galore of america this summer, holidays astatine location volition beryllium the norm. One mode to minimize the accent of agelong staycation drives is to cheque up connected your vehicles earlier taking off. The Vehicle Smart app is 1 of AppGallery’s finest for checking up connected the information of your car earlier departing connected longer journeys, with further MOT advancement tracking to assistance you support connected apical of upcoming bills.

In summation to checking retired your existent cars, Vehicle Smart offers a full-scale hunt into secondhand vehicles earlier purchasing, offering further reassurance earlier you buy. Other in-app features see examination quotes for car insurance, conveyance taxation bands and costs advice, mileage information insights and automatic reminders for insurance, breakdown screen and servicing.

About AppGallery – Top 3 Global App Marketplace

Huawei's AppGallery is simply a astute and innovative ecosystem that allows developers to make unsocial experiences for consumers. It each rests connected a unsocial HMS Core that allows apps to beryllium integrated crossed antithetic devices, delivering much convenience and a smoother experience.

Huawei's imaginativeness for the AppGallery is to marque it an open, innovative app organisation level that is accessible to consumers, and astatine the aforesaid time, strictly support users’ privateness and information portion providing them with a unsocial and astute experience. It's good connected its way, too, as  1 of the apical 3 app marketplaces globally, already offering a wide assortment of planetary and section Apps crossed 18 categories including navigation & transport, news, societal media, and more.

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