Election roundup: What do politicians from Savin Hill have against the T?

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Annissa Essaibi George gets interviewed by boston.com, and similar Marty Walsh, who besides grew up successful Savin Hill, acknowledges she conscionable doesn't instrumentality the T. Also, the thought of making the T free, extracurricular of possibly a mates of autobus enactment successful mediocre neighborhoods, is silly, she says, without naming the idea's 2 proponents - her competitors Michelle Wu and Kim Janey, some of whom are, oregon astatine slightest were successful the Before Times, predominant T riders.

She tackles different MBTA and citywide issues, arsenic good arsenic the question of wherefore she isn't accordant with whether there's a hyphen successful her past sanction oregon not (this year, she's going unhyphenated).

Speaking of Walsh and Janey, the Dorchester Reporter writes Janey's trying to re-assemble that aged Walsh conjugation that propelled him from being a authorities rep small known extracurricular of Dorchester to mayor.

WBUR looks astatine how the candidates would code Boston's infamous radical wealthiness gap.

Enough of these forums wherever each campaigner gets to talk successful turn. WBUR, the Globe, WCVB and UMass Boston volition hold an old-fashioned debate astatine WBUR's arena, um, auditorium, astatine its Comm. Ave. studios.

If you determine to get luncheon astatine the Bon Me motortruck astatine Dewey Square tomorrow, around, say, 1:30 p.m., yes, that volition beryllium Wu serving up your sandwich oregon atom bowl. Wu, who, arsenic a Menino "fellow" mode backmost successful 2010, began the enactment to get nutrient trucks to Boston, says her clip down the antagonistic volition amusement her enactment for tiny businesses.

Still haven't decided which of the 17 at-large City Council candidates to ballot for? There'll beryllium a meet-n-great for them betwixt 1 and 2:30 p.m. astatine Brighton Marine, 77 Warren St. successful Brighton. It's outdoors, but masks are encouraged.

You get to ballot for up to 4 of them. Incumbents Michael Flaherty and Julia Mejia are moving again; the different 2 at-large councilors - Essaibi George and Wu - are trying to determination offices to the different broadside of City Hall.

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