East Boston man faces federal charges for gunfire in Cambridge's Port neighborhood last month

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Cambridge Police and the FBI accidental Jammy Alphonse had a agelong nighttime connected July 25 into the 26th - which could present mean a agelong condemnation successful a national prison.

According to documents filed successful US District Court successful Boston, Alphonse, 27, came downstairs from his luxury waterfront duplex successful East Boston precocious connected the 25th, past made his mode implicit to the Port conception of Cambridge, wherever helium allegedly got retired astatine slightest 1 weapon astir 1:45 a.m. and fired circular aft round, without hitting immoderate one. He ran astatine slightest 1 reddish airy arsenic helium sped away, into Somerville, wherever helium got connected I-93 southbound. He got disconnected astatine Government Center, oregon astatine slightest tried to - helium crashed his achromatic Camry astatine the apical of the ramp soon aft 2 a.m. He abandoned his Camry there, walked implicit to Faneuil Hall and called for a thrust arsenic helium walked down Union Street. He got backmost crossed the harbor and to his gathering astatine 2:33 a.m. and went to slumber successful 1 of his 3 bedrooms.

Federal agents - accompanied by Cambridge Police officers - arrested Alphonse astatine his fifth-floor loft-style flat astatine 126 Border St. successful East Boston connected Friday connected charges of being a convicted felon successful possession of a firearm and ammunition, which could mean a condemnation of up to 10 years successful national situation if he's convicted, the US Attorney's bureau successful Boston reports.

According to an affidavit by an FBI cause connected the case, Alphonse is barred from possessing a weapon oregon ammo due to the fact that connected Feb. 7, 2020, helium was convicted successful Lynn District Court and sentenced to a twelvemonth successful jailhouse for credit-card fraud implicit $250.

The affidavit describes what Alphonse allegedly did astatine the intersection of Cherry and Harvard street, if not why, connected July 26:

Following the shots fired call, CPD canvassed the country of Cherry Street and Harvard Street for victims, witnesses, and evidence. Witnesses interviewed by CPD stated that they heard aggregate weapon shots successful the country of Cherry Street and Harvard Street astir the clip of the reported incident. In addition, CPD’s probe revealed that a circular was fired into an aerial conditioner astatine 167 Cherry Street and aggregate rounds were fired into a centrifugal conveyance located successful vicinity of 167- 169 Cherry Street. CPD utilized MSP Crime Scene Services to cod grounds astatine the country of the shooting, including astir 21 ammunition casings: sixteen .40 caliber and 5 .9mm.

The affidavit does not accidental whether Alphonse fired each those rounds himself oregon if helium had assistance from 1 of the 2 men spotted connected a video camera astatine his Border Street gathering going up to his flat earlier helium drove to Cambridge - oregon if idiosyncratic other joined successful the shooting.

However, the affidavit does accidental that Alphonse was allegedly equipped with capable ammunition to occurrence aggregate rounds each by himself. A hunt of his flat revealed "multiple firearm magazines, 3 firearm holsters, and aggregate rounds of ammunition," according to the affidavit, which adds the hunt besides found, lying connected a furniture successful different bedroom: a Glock Model 43X 9mm gun, "consistent with the ammunition casings" recovered successful Cambridge. Also recovered: A container with "a rock-like substance successful a achromatic insubstantial towel wrapped wrong of a mask," which tested affirmative for fentanyl.

The gunfire was one of respective incidents of gunfire this twelvemonth successful the Port.

After the FBI got progressive successful the investigation, not agelong aft the gunfire, an cause "conducted a video canvas successful the vicinity of Faneuil Hall Marketplace successful Boston successful transportation with the clang and abandonment of the SUSPECT VEHICLE." It turns retired the country is loaded with surveillance cameras, capable that investigators were capable to way Alphonse fundamentally minute-by-minute astir arsenic soon arsenic helium got retired of his wrecked car.

CPD advised FBI Boston VCTF [Violent Crime Task Force] that they had observed a achromatic male, dressed successful each black, moving from the absorption of the crash, done the North Market connected July 26, 2021 astatine astir 1:58 a.m. Law enforcement reviewed video surveillance from a concern located connected Union Street, which is adjacent to the Faneuil Hall area, which revealed that, connected July 26, 2021, astatine astir 2:01 a.m., ALPHONSE, dressed successful each black, was observed talking connected his telephone portion walking straight successful beforehand of the business.

Alphonse lone moved into his Border Street residence recently, based connected charges helium is facing successful the Westchester, NY municipality of Harrison for an incidental connected the New York Thruway determination past September, which database his code arsenic Everett - helium has besides antecedently unrecorded successful Revere. In the New York incident, helium allegedly tried to outrun a postulation stop, lone New York authorities troopers were capable to drawback up with him aft six miles.

Innocent, etc.

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