DUEX Lite and DUEX Plus: The portable dual-screen laptop monitors to expand productivity

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(Pocket-lint) - Laptops are superb - they've changed however we enactment and freed galore of america from the reign of a desktop portion for some moving and relaxing, to the constituent wherever astir of america tin astir apt hardly retrieve what it was similar earlier they were modular equipment.

However, the sheer forces of physics mean that astir laptops person a elemental regularisation that tin marque them somewhat little utile for productivity - they've lone got 1 screen.

That's wherever MobilePixels steps in, a genius startup that's created the DUEX Pro and DUEX Lite, surface extenders for your laptop. It's already smashed a immense crowdfunding run through IndieGoGo, raising much than $1.1 million, and present you tin get 1 of your ain - find retired much astir these superb displays, below.


 The portable dual-screen laptop monitors to grow  productivity photograph  7


The flagship DUEX product, the Plus is the halfway of what MobilePixels has created - an further surface that clips onto the backmost of your laptop's display, acceptable to fold retired for you to usage it whenever you need. That gives you an other 13.3 inches to play with, letting you person a afloat dual-display acquisition without needing a chunky outer monitor.

It's ace casual to acceptable up and intuitive to use, and is plug-and-play with your laptop whether it's a MacBook oregon a Windows device. In fact, it'll besides enactment with different devices similar the Nintendo Switch, truthful you could find it a large spouse if you privation to bash immoderate enactment and immoderate play astatine the aforesaid time. With afloat 1080p solution and large colour accuracy, it's cleanable for nonrecreational use, and it lone adds a small spot of other value to your laptop. We've recovered it superb for unlocking a clump of tasks that were challenging with lone 1 screen, and we're definite you'll find the same.

You tin adjacent detach it to enactment arsenic a vertical show oregon to person it separate, truthful the predisposition of your workplace is truly up to you.


If the dual-screen acquisition that the DUEX Plus offers looks large to you (and it truly should), but you either person a somewhat smaller laptop oregon conscionable privation a much compact and lightweight 2nd screen, you could alternatively opt for the DUEX Lite, which is besides a small spot much affordable.

It's got a smaller 12.5-inch screen, and you tin prime it up successful achromatic oregon acheronian grey, but successful each the cardinal ways it matches what the Plus tin offer, including connected the solution beforehand wherever it besides posts 1080p. That besides means it's conscionable arsenic casual to usage some attached to your laptop oregon separately, truthful we truly can't urge it capable if the sizing makes much consciousness for your device.

Whichever enactment you opt for, you'll beryllium getting a superb 2nd show that promises to marque your moving beingness genuinely easier, and that's not thing that excessively galore devices oregon accessories tin accurately claim, truthful beryllium definite to drawback 1 for yourself now!

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