Covid-19 delays construction of Readville apartment complex

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By adamg connected Tue, 01/11/2022 - 9:59am

Rendering of projected  36-40 Sprague St.

Sprague Street to the left.

The Zoning Board of Appeal contiguous gave a developer an other twelvemonth to commencement operation of a projected 247-unit flat analyzable conscionable southbound of the Readville bid presumption and the Sprague Street Bridge, down the elevation from Sprague Street.

At a proceeding this morning, John Pulgini, lawyer for developer Jordan Warshaw, requested the hold due to the fact that Covid-19 issues person delayed completion of the operation plans and ungraded investigating Warshaw needs to taxable to lenders for financing.

Warshaw won committee support past April for a two-building analyzable that volition besides see a ample fittingness facility, a java shop, a sports lounge, a daycare halfway and a work-share abstraction for residents.

The board's ballot means Warshaw present has until April 30, 2023 to commencement construction.

Warshaw first projected a 650-unit, five-building complex successful 2016.

The connection is 1 of 2 for flat complexes adjacent the Readville bid station. Another developer won approval successful June for a 273-unit analyzable on Hyde Park Avenue adjacent the Father Hart/Milton Street Bridge.

36-40 Sprague St. BPDA filings.


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