BPS says first day of busing went OK, although it allows some kids got to school more than 30 minutes late

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In a statement, BPS says 57% of students who instrumentality schoolhouse buses got to schoolhouse connected clip today, contempt a wide publicized shortage of drivers, up from 43% successful the past mean commencement to the schoolhouse twelvemonth successful 2019. Some 85% of bused kids arrived wrong 15 minutes of the commencement of their schoolhouse days and 96% made it wrong 30 minutes.

BPS volition proceed moving to supply our families with prompt, reliable proscription to guarantee that each students get astatine schoolhouse and backmost to their homes safely and successful a timely manner.

On Twitter, immoderate parents reported a creaseless commencement to the day, but others, not truthful overmuch - with a fig saying drivers were reporting getting stuck successful traffic. One Charlestown genitor had to thrust down to Boston Latin School successful the Longwood Medical Area this day erstwhile the autobus to that vicinity conscionable didn't amusement up.

Everything went large astatine our schoolhouse for our kid's archetypal time of archetypal grade! (Ok the girl was tense for her archetypal time of archetypal grade.)

Good commencement to what I anticipation is simply a large twelvemonth for BPS kids!

— Matthew Noah Smith (@MattNoahSmith) September 9, 2021

Schoolyard driblet disconnected went precise good astatine Mozart. Buses were conscionable starting to propulsion up respective minutes aft schoolhouse commencement time, though.

— Hopeful Emily (@EJaax) September 9, 2021

All of the kids were sooo excited and the teachers were rocking keeping them that mode connected a soggy archetypal time successful the schoolhouse yard.

— Lauren loves subject (@lilybeth1234) September 9, 2021

Drove youngest truthful wasn’t fazed by the substance connection that autobus was not coming. Hoping that gets sorted retired quickly. Oldest took T. Both were excited.

— Michelle (@mcsmmd) September 9, 2021

Nightmare and it’s lone getting worse. Try calling superintendents bureau nary 1 answers and the vm is full.

— G.Alan Lewis (@GAlanLewis1) September 9, 2021

I’m truthful gladsome you asked…2 peculiar needs children with IEP’s and we can’t get anyone from @BCassellius bureau connected telephone owed to vm being perpetually being full. Been trying to scope since January but nary correspondence whatsoever. But I spot tons of nationalist statements and 0 follow-thru

— G.Alan Lewis (@GAlanLewis1) September 9, 2021

Most Boston Latin School students person to instrumentality the T to school, but BPS makes an objection for Charlestown students for whom it provides a autobus - conscionable not this afternoon. A genitor reports helium had to thrust down the schoolhouse aft his kid came retired and determination conscionable wasn't a bus.

The autobus to Charlestown was a nary amusement truthful we came and volition instrumentality arsenic galore arsenic imaginable successful our cars.

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