Boston indoor vaccine mandate starts Saturday: One restaurant asks the unvaccinated to be civil; leader of anti-vaxxer cops group is relieved of duty

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Boston begins the archetypal signifier of its caller vaccine mandate for nationalist spaces connected Saturday - you'll beryllium expected to amusement impervious you've gotten astatine slightest 1 Covid-19 changeable to participate a restaurant, gym, theater, depository oregon the Garden.

In advance, Sophia's Grotto, a tiny Italian edifice successful Roslindale Square, is asking the unvaccinated not to instrumentality it retired connected edifice employees.

If you disagree with this mandate, delight bash not instrumentality it retired connected the idiosyncratic asking for the vaccination card. They are simply pursuing the rules. Life is challenging capable for everyone close present and we inquire that you proceed to respect our squad and dainty them with kindness arsenic they bash to you.

Meanwhile, the Globe reports BPD Sgt. Shana Cottone "was placed connected administrative permission owed to an interior affairs investigation." She heads a radical of Boston archetypal responders that has taken to trailing Mayor Wu and screaming astatine her oregon utilizing loudspeakers to blare sirens. BPD declined to accidental what the probe is about, but the Globe study includes a photograph of Cottone screaming astatine Wu during her announcement of the caller vaccine mandate - wrong City Hall and not wearing a mask, successful usurpation of a regularisation requiring 1 wrong indoor spaces.

At a property league this morning, Wu said she is alert of the enactment but has nary further accusation astir it.

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