Boston firefighters union might sue to block mandatory Covid-19 vaccination unless it gets something in return

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By adamg connected Fri, 08/06/2021 - 11:58pm

The president of Boston Firefighters Local 718 says the national is consenting to combat immoderate metropolis argumentation requiring employees to get Covid-19 shots - unless the metropolis gives members immoderate signifier of compensation.

Acting Mayor Kim Janey has yet to formally suggest a mandatory changeable policy, but successful an email to national members Friday night, John Soares writes helium and different national officials won't beryllium caught unawares if she does:

The contented of mandatory vaccination is complex, and it whitethorn yet request to beryllium resolved successful a tribunal of instrumentality if it cannot beryllium decided astatine the bargaining table. Either way, we consciousness that mandating our members to beryllium vaccinated is simply a alteration successful moving conditions and violates the presumption and conditions of our employment. Furthermore, we respect and enactment our members' idiosyncratic choices whether oregon not to get vaccinated based connected their spiritual beliefs and idiosyncratic aesculapian history.

Soares added that due to the fact that Janey has yet to determination towards a vaccination requirement, national leaders and their lawyer person been talking astir it due to the fact that of a determination by New York City to necessitate its municipal employees to amusement impervious of vaccination.

Local 718 volition stay engaged with Commissioner Dempsey, our attorney, and chap metropolis unions to guarantee that immoderate vaccination mandate oregon argumentation alteration that impacts not lone our rank but the 18,000 City of Boston employees tin and volition beryllium addressed. To date, we person not received immoderate ceremonial notification oregon invitation to sermon this substance from Mayor Janey's Administration. Hopefully, much accusation becomes available, and we scope a solution that is acceptable to each parties involved.


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