Board rejects Nubian Square cannabis shop over resident complaints about traffic, kids, harder drugs

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The Zoning Board contiguous rejected the archetypal of 2 two marijuana markets projected for Nubian Square, astatine 195 Dudley St. aft proceeding from residents disquieted astir the imaginable impacts connected postulation and parking, each the schoolhouse kids who traverse Nubian Square and addicts of harder drugs coming from adjacent Mass and Cass.

Brian Keith of Rooted In, LLC, had projected a astir 1,500-square ft store and said that, unsocial among each different Massachusetts marijuana stores, the store would adjacent for an hr each time aft schools get retired to further support kids distant from the store - adjacent speech from the contented of banning anybody nether 21.

The Boston Cannabis Board has approved a 2nd store astatine 2365 Washington St., but that has yet to travel earlier the zoning board.

Keith admit Nubian Square present has spillover from Mass and Cass, but said the contented is not that his store would merchantability addicts marijuana, but that Nubian Square becomes a benignant of bare portion successful the aboriginal afternoon, erstwhile shops close.

"Nubian Square is an hold of Mass and Cass due to the fact that Nubian Square shuts down astir 2 successful the afternoon," helium said. "There isn't capable enactment successful the vicinity to support that constituent out."

If anything, helium said, his store would assistance trim that. By adding a store that would pull upwards of 300 radical a time into the quadrate - galore of them who different mightiness ne'er sojourn the quadrate - his store would assistance supply a much progressive thoroughfare beingness that would support radical from Mass and Cass from wandering over, helium said.

Roxbury Main Streets supported the proposal, saying it would beryllium portion of a steadfast premix of stores captious to reviving Nubian Square.

But leaders of the Mt. Pleasant, Forest and Vine Neighborhood Association and the Nubian Square Coalition opposed it. Sadiki Kambon of the conjugation said his radical opposed the connection due to the fact that residents are trying to "get escaped of the transgression element," not pull it with a cookware store close adjacent to a liquor store. A Mt. Pleasant subordinate spoke of "unethical, deceitful and unfair practices," by Rooted In, perchance involving Kim Janey softly backing the shop.

The mayor's Office of Neighborhood Services, which usually either approves oregon disapproves of projects, said its authoritative presumption was "non opposition," saying it was balancing Keith's efforts to bring astir wealthiness equity successful the cannabis concern with neighbour complaints astir traffic.

The committee struggled conscionable to get to the ballot it took. Member Hansy Better Barraza astatine archetypal moved to contradict the task outright, due to the fact that of neighbour concerns, but the question failed. subordinate Joe Ruggiero past moved to contradict the connection without prejudice, which would mean Keith could travel backmost with a caller connection successful little than a year, but that failed arsenic well, arsenic did a question by subordinate Mark Ehrlich to o.k. the project.

After each that, the committee reconsidered again. "There are excessively galore issues with this location," committee Chairwoman Christine Araujo said. The committee past voted 5-1 - with Erlich opposed - to cull the proposal.

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