Board approves apartment with massive amount of storage

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By adamg connected Tue, 08/10/2021 - 11:03am

The Zoning Board of Appeal contiguous approved a program by CubeSmart to adhd a one-bedroom flat to its self-storage installation astatine 968 Massachusetts Ave. - for a manager to unrecorded successful to assistance guarantee 24-hour information for the retention units.

CubeSmart lawyer Timothy Fraser said the one-bedroom, 996-square-foot portion with an bureau and a kitchenette would lone beryllium offered to a institution manager, with nary family, consenting to unrecorded connected the 2nd level of the retention facility.

In 2018, metropolis investigators found respective radical surviving successful immoderate of the self-storage units - with rents astir $230 a month.

Fraser said having an on-site manager would assistance guarantee that ne'er happens again.


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