Audi Skysphere electric concept looks magnificent

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(Pocket-lint) - Audi's conscionable released a full trove of accusation and images astir an electrical conveyance conception that it's calling the Skysphere. It's core, and reasonably crazy, thought is that the car tin widen itself into a antithetic signifier depending connected whether you privation a roadster oregon expansive tourer experience.

The Skysphere has a reasonably futuristic look, arsenic you'd expect from an electrical concept, and that's backed up by the feature, which successful mentation would person the operator touching a fastener to punctual the car to widen its wheelbase by 9.8-inches and dropping its tallness by 0.4 inches to springiness it a much cruising-happy feel.


Audi Skysphere electrical  conception  looks magnificent photograph  2

The car is surely sleek and low-profile, but it's hiding plentifulness of powerfulness acknowledgment to a 623-horsepower electrical centrifugal paired with a 80-kWh battery, which adhd up to a 0-60MPH velocity of conscionable 4 seconds, which isn't precisely a slouch's time.

That telescoping assemblage is the existent key, though, and portion it mightiness beryllium much than a small unrealistic, that's what concepts are for. As good arsenic changing however the car would consciousness to drive, it besides opens up aerodnyamic for roadster driving that are past closed disconnected erstwhile you're successful GT mode, truthful there's much than conscionable showiness to it.


Audi Skysphere electrical  conception  looks magnificent photograph  3

Of course, these concepts seldom marque it to marketplace different than successful a highly watered-down form, truthful we wouldn't expect to beryllium driving a changeable car anytime soon, but it's nevertheless a beauteous absorbing glimpse into Audi's thinking.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published connected 11 August 2021.

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