A redesigned MacBook Air in multiple colors is coming early next year

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(Pocket-lint) - The MacBook Air is getting its agelong overdue redesign, and Silver and Space Gray won’t beryllium the lone 2 colour options it seems this clip around. 

Rainbow MacBooks 

According to the study by the often reputable expert Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple plans connected releasing an wholly redesigned MacBook Air sometime aboriginal adjacent twelvemonth successful a assortment of colour choices akin to the mode the Apple silicon iMac launched earlier this twelvemonth successful 7 antithetic shades. 

It’s unclear astatine this constituent whether oregon not the upcoming MacBook Air volition diagnostic achromatic bezels to correspondingly matchup with the updated iMacs, but Apple YouTuber Max Tech surely believes that’ll astir decidedly beryllium the case. 

The Kuo study contiguous further corroborates past rumours indicating that the caller MacBook Airs volition instrumentality inspiration from the iPad Pro and iPhone 12 series, mimicking their each level chassis plan done and done and removing immoderate denotation of curvature astir the precocious lid and underbelly of the machines. 

Kuo’s enactment doesn’t marque notation of the Touch Bar, but all indications amusement that Apple is readying connected ditching it wholly astatine the merchandise of their upcoming MacBook Pro and not grow its inclusion to the Air enactment arsenic rumours galore years past mightiness person suggested.

If the caller merchandise of updated wireless Apple keyboards connection immoderate clue, it’s that the institution sees the aboriginal of the Mac keyboard looking beauteous modular compared to however it’s ever been, but lone this clip with the full-time inclusion of a Touch ID reader. 

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