3 ways to enter fields in Microsoft Word

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Microsoft Word fields location instructions that assistance you make dynamic content; they're flexible and powerful, if you cognize however to usage them.

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Occasionally, a request simply can't beryllium easy met with the built-in features. Microsoft Word fields are akin to small bits of codification that person a circumstantial job. They instrumentality values that you can't easy bash successful Word immoderate different way. Fortunately, they're casual to usage erstwhile you get the bent of entering them properly. In this article, I'll amusement you 3 ways to participate a Word field:

  • Use the interface
  • Ctrl + F9
  • Type and convert

I'm utilizing Microsoft 365 connected a Windows 10 64-bit system, but you tin usage earlier versions. Word fields aren't supported by Word Online; the archetypal values volition display, but they won't update, nor tin you participate them.

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About Word fields

You tin insert fields to show contented that volition alteration erstwhile you update those fields. You mightiness not recognize it, but you're already utilizing fields. Page numbers, merge fields and truthful connected are inserted automatically erstwhile you usage those features.

You'll announcement arsenic you enactment your mode done the speedy examples, that the relation key, F9, plays a large portion erstwhile moving with fields. Specifically, here's what this cardinal does:

  • Ctrl + F9 enters a blank field.
  • Alt + F9 toggles each the fields successful the document.
  • Shift + F9 toggles the selected field.

In summation to entering and toggling fields, you tin modify them utilizing switches. A power is an further spot of information; it ever starts with a backslash (\). Switches adhd formats and alteration the field's behaviour a bit. We won't see switches successful this article, but you'll privation to research them later.

When you participate a field, the underlying tract codification volition usage the pursuing syntax:

{ FIELD NAME Properties Optional switches }

See Table A for an mentation of these elements.

Table A


This is the sanction of the codification and determines what the tract does. You'll often spot this portion successful each uppercase letters, but it isn't lawsuit sensitive. 


Optional instructions, but not each fields person them. In the interface dialog that you'll spot successful the adjacent section, these are referred to arsenic Field Properties.


These are circumstantial instructions, often to bash with formatting that you tin alteration oregon disable. The \ quality ever denotes a switch. 

When including fields successful a document, retrieve that anyone viewing the papers successful Word tin presumption the underlying codes, truthful beryllium cautious astir including idiosyncratic oregon confidential information. I've ne'er tally into this concern but it's worthy noting.

Now that you person a bully consciousness for what fields are, let's commencement inserting them. We'll statesman with the interface method.

How to insert a Word tract utilizing the interface

Word's interface provides the astir broad method for inserting fields. Even if you find different method easier, I promote you to reappraisal the interface truthful you tin larn what fields are disposable and astir their switches.

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To participate a tract utilizing the interface, bash the following:

  1. Position the cursor wherever you privation to insert the field, which tin beryllium successful the papers body, oregon the header oregon footer.
  2. Click the Insert tab and past click the Quick Parts dropdown successful the Text group.
  3. From the dropdown, take Fields (Figure A).
  4. The resulting dialog lists the Word fields successful the Field Names list, which you tin filter utilizing the Categories list. For this elemental example, prime Author and past prime First Capital successful the Format database arsenic shown successful Figure B.
  5. Click OK, and you'll spot the author's sanction successful the papers (Figure C).

Figure A


  Choose Field from the Quick Parts dropdown.

Figure B


  Choose a tract and prime the due formatting.

Figure C


  The tract displays the author's name, not the underlying code.

You whitethorn person noticed a fewer different options successful the dialog:

  • Field Codes volition show the underlying tract code.
  • Options volition show formatting options and different specialized options that are circumstantial to the field.
  • Preserve Formatting During Updates does conscionable what it says: it preserves formatting.

You'll privation to research the database of fields and their galore options erstwhile you person much time.

You tin usage the interface to nest fields. After choosing 1 field, determination the cursor wrong that tract and past instrumentality to the database and take the 2nd field. This capableness takes a spot of practice. In fact, galore users find it easier to participate a nested tract manually.

How to insert a Word tract by typing and converting

Perhaps the easiest method to participate immoderate tract is to simply benignant it, prime it and past property Ctrl + F9. Doing truthful converts the substance to the field(s). Let's effort this with again, the Author field:

  1. Position the cursor wherever you privation to insert the field.
  2. Type Author
  3. Select the substance you conscionable typed (Figure D).
  4. Press Ctrl + F9 to person the drawstring into a existent field. As you tin see, Word adds the brackets.
  5. To show the tract worth alternatively of the field, property F9.

Figure D


   You tin person the drawstring into a field.

This is simply a speedy and casual mode to participate a azygous tract erstwhile you cognize the tract codification and immoderate switches you mightiness privation to include. You tin besides usage this method to insert a nested field, but you indispensable insert each individually. You can't benignant retired an full drawstring and person each the fields astatine once. 

How to insert a Word tract by utilizing Ctrl + F9

The 3rd method is akin to the erstwhile method. Press Ctrl + F9 to insert a brace of bare brackets and past benignant the tract codification and immoderate switches. Let's effort this method with the aforesaid { Author } field:

  1. Position the cursor wherever you privation to insert the field.
  2. Press Ctrl + F9 to participate a blank field, arsenic shown successful Figure E.
  3. Enter the tract codification Author wrong the brackets and property F9 to cipher the result.

Figure E


Use Ctrl + F9 to participate a blank field. 

Word displays a field's results alternatively than the tract code, by default. Right-clicking serves arsenic a toggle to show the underlying tract codification alternatively of its result. Doing truthful converts lone the 1 field, truthful this is an casual mode to rapidly edit lone 1 field.

For a afloat database of tract codes, sojourn List of tract codes successful Word.

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