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What the top 25 colleges and universities in the US have said about their plans to reopen in fall 2020, from postponing the semester to offering more remote coursework

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  • US universities began shifting to remote learning in light of the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020.
  • Some universities, like Harvard, are planning for another remote semester, while others, like Rice, expect to reopen campus with social distancing regulations.
  • Here's what the top 25 US colleges and universities have discussed for fall 2020 reopening plans so far.
  • To inform our list, Business Insider used education research firm Quacquarelli Symonds' first-ever US specific ranking of the best colleges and universities in 2020.
  • Business Insider used Niche's net price calculation for each school, which is the average cost of tuition after financial aid reported by each college in 2019.
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25. University of Texas at Austin

Location: Austin, Texas
Net price: $14,156
COVID-19 updates: The university website's fall 2020 planning page states that the University of Texas hopes to announce a fall 2020 semester plan by the end of June.
Read more about the University of Texas' coronavirus response here

24. University of Washington

Location: Seattle, Washington
Net price: $9,765
COVID-19 updates: In a virtual town hall meeting on May 1, President Ana Mari Cauce said that the University of Washington plans to reopen its campuses for in-person coursework in the fall, and may do so for the second half of summer classes as well.
Changes to the fall semester might include some remote coursework, coronavirus testing, contact tracing, and health surveillance in the dorms, she said.
Read more about the University of Washington's coronavirus response here

23. Georgetown University

Location: Washington, DC
Net price: $27,420
COVID-19 updates: In a letter dated May 12 detailing the school's financial response to the pandemic, Georgetown University President John DeGioia told the Georgetown community that the school will cut spending on new buildings and grounds, hold salary increases, and suspend contributions to retirement plans for the upcoming fiscal year. DeGioia also mentioned that 54 administrative employees volunteered to reduce their salaries for the upcoming fiscal year.
DeGioia said he'd share plans for the fall semester in his next letter.
Read more about Georgetown University's coronavirus response here

T21. Rice University

Location: Houston, Texas
Net price: $24,131
COVID-19 updates: A May 20 update announced Rice's tentative plans to begin the fall semester in-person as planned on August 24. This decision is not final and will be reevaluated periodically throughout the summer. Most courses will be offered remotely as well. Rice plans to have a final decision made in July.
In a May 5 letter to graduate students, the university president David Leebron and Dr. Seiichi Matsuda, dean of graduate and postdoctoral studies, detailed a "cautiously optimistic" plan for reopening for in-person coursework in the fall. According to the letter, classes will be offered both online and in-person, social distancing measures will take place on campus, the semester will likely be shortened, and international students will likely have additional flexibility for start dates.
Read more about Rice University's coronavirus response here

T21. Boston University

Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Net price: $29,154
COVID-19 updates: A May 6 update suggests that Boston University has begun phase one of its return to campus plan, which includes resuming some on-campus research. The university also released a digital book with a detailed guide of the first phase. Boston University is planning both in-person and remote coursework for the fall semester, according to their website.
Read more about Boston University's coronavirus response here

20. Brown University

Location: Providence, Rhode Island
Net price: $25,651
COVID-19 updates: In a May 18 update, Brown University announced the gradual reopening of some summer on-campus activities in conjunction with the state of Rhode Island's reopening plan. This is beginning with only approved laboratory-based research.
Brown University President Christina Paxson told the Wall Street Journal in an article updated April 21 that she thinks the university will have in-person classes, but that some students may continue to work remotely anyway.
According to the school website, Brown expects to make a decision about the fall semester by July 15.
Read more about Brown University's coronavirus response here

19. The California Institute of Technology

Location: Pasadena, California
Net price: $24,466
COVID-19 updates: A May 21 update announced a phased reopening of on-campus research facilities over the next few weeks.
A transcript from a May 18 community meeting suggests that the university is still working on its reopening plan.
Previously, a May 8 update had stated that campus will likely reopen in phases, prioritizing reopening research operations.
Read more about CalTech's coronavirus response here

18. University of Michigan

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Net price: $16,408
COVID-19 updates: A May 19 update on the University of Michigan's website states that the university is beginning to prepare for in-person classes in the fall while following evolving public health guidelines. The update announced the gradual reopening of its Ann Arbor, Dearborn, and Flint campuses.
President Mark Schlissel said he is "cautiously optimistic" about the university reopening in the fall for as much in-person coursework as possible, but that the steps to get there remain unclear.
Read more about the University of Michigan's coronavirus response here

17. Carnegie Mellon University

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Net price: $30,847
COVID-19 updates: According to the university website, Carnegie Mellon's fall semester will include a combination of in-person and remote coursework, and it will begin on August 31 as scheduled.
Read more about Carnegie Mellon University's coronavirus response here

16. Northwestern University

Location: Evanston, Illinois
Net price: $26,099
COVID-19 updates: A May 22 update details plans for a phased return to campus, starting with research facilities. Whether or not coursework will resume on campus in the fall is still unknown, but the university hopes to bring as much of the community to campus as possible.
A May 11 update about the financial impacts of the coronavirus pandemic suggests that the university hopes to reopen the campus in phases for the fall 2020 semester. The update also shared that the university expects a  $90 million shortfall for the 2020 fiscal year.
A previous update from May 7 shared that fall course registration has been postponed until late July or August.
Read more about Northwestern University's coronavirus response here

15. The University of Southern California

Location: Los Angeles
Net price: $32,892
COVID-19 updates: In a May 7 update, the University of Southern California announced Project Restart — a task force of faculty, staff, and students dedicated to planning the reopening of campus. They hope to announce much an update on the fall 2020 semester plan in June.
Read more about the University of Southern California's coronavirus response here

14. Johns Hopkins University

Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Net price: $27,868
COVID-19 updates: Several updates on Johns Hopkins University's coronavirus website suggest that it is working on a plan for the fall semester.
Read more about the Johns Hopkins University's coronavirus response here

13. Duke University

Location: Durham, North Carolina
Net price: $22,011
COVID-19 updates: Duke University President Vincent Price announced on April 14 that decisions about how to reopen for the fall semester will be announced in late June, Duke Today reported.
Read more about Duke University's coronavirus response here

12. The University of Chicago

Location: Chicago, Illinois
Net price: $34,834
COVID-19 updates: A May 15 update from the University of Chicago President Robert Zimmer suggests that the university is working on a plan to reopen campus operations. The university will continue to communicate updates and hopes to have a decision about how the fall semester will be conducted by the end of June.
Read more about the University of Chicago's coronavirus response here

11. New York University (NYU)

Location: New York
Net price: $39,935
COVID-19 updates: In a May 19 update, Provost Katherine Fleming told NYU students that the university plans to resume in-person coursework in the fall, but that students will likely have the option to study remotely. Fleming said that another update would be provided later in the summer.
Read more about the NYU's coronavirus response here

10. Cornell University

Location: Ithaca, New York
Net price: $31,449
COVID-19 updates: In an April 30 statement to the Cornell community, Michael Kotlikoff, provost of the university, said that while fall 2020 courses will resume, it is too early to guarantee that students could return to campus and courses could take place in person.
Read more about Cornell University's coronavirus response here

9. Princeton University

Location: Princeton, New Jersey
Net price: $16,302
COVID-19 updates: Princeton University President Chris Eisgruber told the Princeton community that the university will decide whether classes for fall 2020 will be conducted online or in-person in early July.
Read more about Princeton University's coronavirus response here

8. The University of Pennsylvania

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Net price: $24,539
COVID-19 updates: In a coronavirus update on the University of Pennsylvania website dated April 27, the university said it plans to have a combination of remote and in-person courses in fall 2020.
Read more about the University of Pennsylvania's coronavirus response here

T6. Yale University

Location: New Haven, Connecticut
Net price: $18,053
COVID-19 updates: In a May 13 letter to the Yale community, Provost Scott Strobel announced that the fall semester will begin as scheduled and classes will resume at Yale college in the week of August 31. Whether or not courses will take place in-person or remotely is still unknown. Strobel also announced that on-campus research facilities will reopen in phases starting in June.
The letter also reiterated that a more detailed plan about reopening in the fall semester would be released in July.
In a May 6 letter to the Yale community, Salovey discussed Connecticut's recommendation of reopening research programs on or after May 20, stating that Provost Scott Strobel would provide updates on Yale's research programs reopening.
Peter Salovey, president of Yale University told the Yale community in an email in April that the university will announce plans for the fall semester in July, Yale Daily News's Valerie Pavilonis reported.
Read more about Yale University's coronavirus response here

T6. University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Location: Los Angeles
Net price: $15,002
COVID-19 updates: UCLA hasn't released a fall 2020 reopening plan yet, but in an April 28 update, the school announced that it will, at a minimum, offer remote coursework to those unable to return to campus in the event that some on-campus classes resume.
Read more about UCLA's coronavirus response here

5. Columbia University

Location: New York City
Net price: $22,824
COVID-19 updates: Columbia University President Lee C. Bollinger updated the community on April 23 confirming that the university will reopen in the fall, and details about how will be announced over the next two months.
Read more about Columbia University's coronavirus response here

4. University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley)

Location: Berkeley, California
Net price: $17,862
COVID-19 updates: Several updates on the UC Berkeley coronavirus website suggest that it is working on a plan for the fall semester.
UC Berkeley lays out three possible scenarios for the fall semester: classes are conducted entirely remotely, activities resume on-campus within limits prescribed by public health experts, and everything is back to normal but allows for remote learning. The school is developing a plan for each scenario.
Read more about UC Berkeley's coronavirus response here

3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Net price: $22,230
COVID-19 updates: According to several coronavirus updates on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) website, the college is working on a fall 2020 reopening plan.
Read more about MIT's coronavirus response here

2. Stanford University

Location: Stanford, California
Net price: $16,562
COVID-19 updates: A May 21 update detailed a phased reopening of campus once public health conditions permit it. The first two weeks will reintroduce research that can't be conducted off-campus.
A May 13 update announced a new guideline requiring face coverings in Stanford facilities in Palo Alto, California.
A May 12 update from the university suggests that the plan for reopening could include face masks, social distancing, limited classes, a mix of in-person and remote coursework, fewer students living on campus, and a shorter semester.
Read more about Stanford University's coronavirus response here

1. Harvard University

Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Net price: $17,030
COVID-19 updates: In a May 18 update, Harvard University announced the gradual reopening of science laboratories in conjunction with the state of Massachusetts's reopening plan. 
Harvard University provost Alan M. Garber told members of the Harvard Community in a letter in April that the university is committed to reopening in the fall, but that it must prepare to function entirely remotely to prevent further spread of the novel coronavirus.
Read more about Harvard University's coronavirus response here
Correction: A previous version of this article misstated that Duke University will announce plans in August. It has been updated to say that the university will announce plans in late June.

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