10 best designer tech gifts for 2021

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(Pocket-lint) - We each cognize idiosyncratic genuinely cool, right? Someone with a whiff of decorator aerial astir them. So, wherefore not amusement them you recognize their chic by treating them to thing a small spot chill itself?

Here are a enactment of gifts for those that similar gadgets, but besides similar style, similar subtly, similar quality, and are blessed for you to wage for it without breaking the slope excessively much. 

We aren't talking £1,000 bags here, but large affordable decorator focused tech that makes the cleanable gift. Here are our favourites. 


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Michael Kors Access MKGO


This Fossil-made Michael Kors smartwatch volition enactment with astir Android oregon Apple phones and gives a stylish instrumentality connected the smartwatch. It's got a distinctive look that's cleanable for anyone who isn't acrophobic to benignant it out. The integer crown is utilized for scrolling done the apps, and of people the ticker look tin beryllium changed to suit the wearer's benignant that morning, afternoon, oregon night.


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Skagen Hybrid Smartwatch


The Skagen Connected unisex hybrid smartwatch delivers a much accepted looking circular ticker with a hidden fittingness tracker truthful you tin ditch the Fitbit look. Because it's a hybrid it doesn't request regular oregon play charging and with a scope of antithetic styles available, you're definite to find the cleanable 1 for a person oregon family.


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Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch


Smartwatches don't person to beryllium clunky, and Fossil's newest procreation of smartwatches surely beryllium that. Able to enactment with some Android and iPhone, the touchscreen ticker offers enactment tracking and notifications connected the go. Fossil makes a fig of antithetic styles too, if you privation to store a precise look.

Ted Baker

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Ted Baker Cable Tidy Bag


This one's for those that already person plentifulness of gadgets and are ever connected the go. A cablegram tidy container that's got aggregate compartments to store your chargers, cables, and different bits and bobs erstwhile you're retired and about.

Ted Baker

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Ted Baker Qi Wireless Charging Pad


If they've got a caller smartphone, chances are it's susceptible of wirelessly charging. Power up your Qi enabled telephone with this stylish 7.5W wireless Qi charging pad from Ted Baker. Charging ne'er looked truthful good.


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Transparent Speaker

Speaker plan tin often beryllium a small uninspiring - determination are immoderate wide trends toward cloth finishes and speakers that effort to blend into the background, each looking beauteous similar.

This scope of gorgeous speakers from Transparent, though, is simply a glaring exception, with a striking see-through plan that's definite to commencement conversations. The prices are beauteous sky-high for what you're getting, but if you cognize idiosyncratic who'd emotion this aesthetic it could beryllium the cleanable gift. 


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Casely for iPhone 12

For anyone who's got their hands connected an iPhone 12, a unsocial and absorbing lawsuit is simply a must-have some for extortion and style.

We emotion Casely's offering, which has perfectly loads of absorbing and off-beat cases to take from, portion besides offering truly bully protection. 

Kate Spade

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Kate Spade Apple Watch strap

This Kate Spade floral Apple Strap is cleanable for anyone who's a instrumentality of the decorator and owns an Apple Watch. Far much accessible than the Hermes Apple Watch strap below, the delicate plan volition acceptable immoderate 38mm oregon 40mm strap and instantly determination the wearer distant from the bog modular Apple Watch look.

Hermès / Apple

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Apple Watch Hermès Strap

How to bash you lucifer benignant with function? Get them an Apple Watch Hermès strap. Handmade utilizing Barenia leather that's ace creaseless to the touch, oregon much textured Epsom leather oregon supple Swift leather depending connected taste, the stainless alloy buckle recalls those connected the straps of a saddle, seemingly arsenic a motion to the equestrian practice of Hermès - classy stuff.


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Phigolf Mobile and Home Smart Golf Game Simulator WGT Edition


To find that ever-evasive cleanable plaything tin beryllium a beingness of work. With the assistance of the Phigolf Mobile and Home Smart Golf Game Simulator WGT Edition you mightiness beryllium capable borderline ever nearer that goal, and amusement up your mates connected the fairway too. 

It comes with the app, a sensor and the plaything stick.


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Arc Star Floating Speaker


There's thing rather similar a gimmicky gadget to marque your colleagues jealous. And successful these times of moving from home, that mightiness conscionable beryllium your feline oregon dog. But they'll beryllium conscionable arsenic impressed by the Arc Star Floating Speaker.

It doesn't conscionable interval though, arsenic you tin besides instrumentality the talker orb on with you for listening to your tunes wherever you go.


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Xenvo Pro Lens Kit


Phone cameras person travel on successful leaps and bounds, but sometimes it's bully to person that other lens to springiness that small boost.

The Xenvo Pro Lens is compatible with iPhones, Samsung phones, Google Pixels and more.

It has a macro lens arsenic good arsenic wide angle, truthful you tin get those cooler shots that your existent telephone mightiness beryllium constricted successful capturing.

Simply clip it connected and distant you go.


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Echo Auto


If you usage Alexa successful your home, there's nary crushed it shouldn't besides beryllium recovered successful your car.

Alexa Auto is simply a tiny instrumentality that allows you to get each the advantages of Alexa portion you're driving. It simply clamps onto your air-conditioning fans and tin assistance usher you wherever you privation to go, marque calls, oregon reply your random questions portion successful traffic.


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Tile Essentials (2020) 4-pack


Losing your keys is specified a boring happening to person to woody with each day. That's wherever Tile has made beingness truthful overmuch easier.

This Tile Essentials 4-Pack makes definite you person nary excuse to suffer thing other ever again.

These small devices volition connect to your valuables and are capable to beryllium tracked, truthful adjacent if you permission your wallet successful the freezer, you'll find it earlier you frost your cash.

It comes with Slim for your wallet, Mate for your keys, and 2 stickers for immoderate other you suffer daily. It works with Google Assistant, Alexa, Xfinity, and Siri, and adjacent uses the greater Tile web to find your telephone if it goes walkies.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Editing by Claudio Rebuzzi. Originally published connected 29 November 2018.

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